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She comes and I am blessed with luck!

Gooday! From Perth Australia.

Its been nearly a decade since picky up the hobby and soon after joining Tsuki Boards and I have had a really enjoyable and fun time!

At the moment I have just cast off my life as a student and have gone out into the world to go and work. Unfortunately balancing time between friends and my hobbies, Gunpla, Anime and video games is really difficult.

Top 5 favourite Anime:
Watamote, Azumanga Daioh, Evangelion, Clannad, Welcome to the NHK

My Reviews so far!

Scale Figures

1:Touhou Project | Kompaku Youmu | 1/8 | Griffon

2:Rurouni Kenshin | Himura Kenshin | 1/8 | GEM Mega House

3:Code Geass | Lelouch Lamperouge | 1/8 | GEM Mega House

4:Touhou Project | Hourai Kaguya | 1/8 | Griffon

5:Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica | Kyuubey | N/A | Seven Two

6:Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica | Akemi Homura | 1/8 | Good Smile Company

7: Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier | 1/8 | Scale Good Smile Company

8: Touhou Project | Nagae Iku | 1/8 | Griffon

9:Puella Magi Madoka Magica | Ultimate Madoka | 1/8 | Good Smile Company

10: Panty & Stocking | Stocking Anarcary | 1/8 | Alter

11: Evangelion: 3.0 You can not Redo | Shinji Ikari | Non Scale | Sega

12:Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion | Akuma Homura | 1/8 | Stronger

13:Tales of Symphonia | Colette Brunel | 1/8 | Kotobukiya

14: Touhou Project | Nagae Iku - Ryuugyodoriru | 1/8 | Griffon


1:Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica | Akemi Homura | N/A | Max Factory

My collection as of 26/01/2017.


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Nendoroid Photo Travel Diaries:

1. Tomoko's Sakura Tour

2. The Legend of Zelda The Hokkaido Holiday Special

3. Alice in Koyo Land

That One time Time which I 1CC'd a Touhou Game, also move of a Decade ago!

Latest Addition to Model Collection
And within the collection.https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2022/05/29/3119183.jpeg

When i Discovered Touhou and pitiful state of clearing.
Source: maribelhearn.co...

I now play Touhou Lost Word.
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Original Conflux clear.
Star Ex Clear.
Just completed Arena Phantasma Difficulty.


Completed Moon EX challenge. 66 SP Now 36 SP.
And Second EX challenge 31 SP. Now 25 SP
Water EX, 51 SP. Now 41 SP.

With 1 Star Erin and 1 Star EOSD Sakuya. Should be Replayble.
Cleared Towers level in 81 to 90 without healing. Still 10 floors behind front due to current progress. So many powerful friends makes this easy.


New Touhou seccond hand Nendoroids, still not opened.


View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://u.cubeupload.com/Sazako/Iku.jpg Above First Iku drawing which my thumb nail is themed after.



We had a nice Summer, took 2 weeks to relax and paint at home, and the other 2 weeks we went hiking. We saw some really nice nature parks here. I still have to sort out the pictures, but I will share them in my 'random loot and dairy' blog in a while.

That kit...hrmmm, I must have had her boxed up here unpainted for at least 6-7 years. The kit is 10 years old. I got her in an auction together with 2 other Monster Hunter kits who are up to paint next: ITEM #126806 + ITEM #99123 .

Both NL and FI have not been recording their cases properly for a long time, so I have no clue how bad/good the numbers are. Most people act like it's over and when they get it that it's only a flu. It's hard around here to try to do anything safely because of people their mindset. Although we didn't go to any popular hiking spots, it could still be quite busy near exits/entrances and the public transport to get there.

Quite some people I know got covid since last time we spoke and from those people most were mild, 1-2 weeks that they couldn't go to work. I hope that is going to be the 'normal' reaction when having covid.

I actually don't know what happens right now if you get covid on vacation. I guess you are not allowed on the plane back and need to wait until you test negative for covid to be allowed to leave the country? I would prefer to wait with traveling until the point where no covid tests before or after are needed anymore, as long as there is so much hassle to travel I am not feeling it much. And then there is always the risk of Finland not allowing me back in and then I can't do my job.

I also really really want to go to Japan and with my idea being to go to Okinawa I feel like Okinawa itself as small island is quite 'safe' to go to. The biggest risk would be the flight from and to there. However if we book at some point, I want to book as last minute as possible, couple weeks up front, because we lost tons of money because of our canceled vacation in 2020.

Summer is nearly over here already, I miss it a lot! But we had super nice weather for all the hikes. And yes, in the peak of summer it's only 1 hour dark every day! Then a period of only 2-3 hours of darkness. Right now it is dark when I go to bed, but still light when I wake up in the morning. I'm not looking forward to it being dark as well when I wake up in the morning...

Oh wow, 5 weeks of surface mail! I think my record for fastest surface mail was 7 weeks, still in the Netherlands. Apparently speeds should be a lot more decent now, but I will have to find out myself. I shipped a new surface parcel about a month ago.

The bad eBay sales seem to be a combination of a lot of things: Collectible hobbies being less popular with the pandemic 'over', less free time because people have to go back to offices, people have less money with the current state of the economy and then also lots of other platforms like Mercari and Vinted are getting way more popular to sell from. Unofrtunately those are not accessable for me in Europe.

Oh that makes me interested who was your favorite YGO character before getting into the anime?

Yeah I am already 2+ years in Finland and nearly 2 in the specific apartment we got here. It's quite weird, in a positive way! But also with how everything has gone with the pandemic since 2020 it doesn't feel like 2 years have gone by at all.

With Finland, my husband first went there without me to see how it was. When he was convinced it was good, I went on a 2 week vacation there, 1 week of actual vacation fun and 1 week of more serious looking into how it was to actually live and work there.

I think Ques Q is above average, but from what I heard figures pass their quality control easier than with other manufacturers. My Remillia could not fit her wings properly because the back-insert was placed off from the center in her back. This made me have to cut away parts of her clothes to be able to insert the wings.

Nope, the figure is still not here yet and me and the artist have been discussing that I can get a 50% refund (so we both have the same amount of loss), because probably the item will never reach me. :( A lot of companies have embargoes against Russia, so there is a high chance the package got destroyed when it reached the border here.

Hehe yeah I did have an encounter with a pretty big snake when on my hikes recently! But the snake was way too fast for me to be able to get a picture!

I finished FFXV in the meantime and really liked it! Did you play it? As for DLC, I only know of 4 packages? I got all of them. The main game does still get updates every once in a while, right now there is a FFXIV collaboration that gets you a lot of unique clothes if you play it.

I still have to look through all the entries, but did not see much updates to the figures I was already following. As for new figures I am happy to see ITEM #1587152 , but I don't think I will be ordering her. Prices are just too high nowadays, I will get her second hand at some point. What about you?

As for Nendoroids, I feel like they announce so much outside of figure festivals, they don't have much left to announce during the events. The amount of Nendoroids releasing in the last few years has been super high! And Pop Up Parades too!!!

Sorry for the bit of delay on my part, things are going to start hitting it full once I need to move back next month for next semester!

It’s nice to see that Watamote merch. Looks really sweet, been mostly holding back before cause it was hard to find for a relatively decent price as you said, scalping sure sucks.
Oh that’s quite nice, I only really am familiar with the first game, it might be something to look for in the future.

A meta unit coming back, I’ll def try pulling a few on her banner.
Haha yeah it’s been good in terms of getting stuff imported for sure, though the rise in shipping prices kinda hampers that as well.

Have to say I’m impressed with the designs, mostly cause I have no idea how to design ships that both look cool and would also be efficient and powerful, it seems you’ve hit both categories. At the end of the day, lots of the space sci fi genre do use similar base designs I think, but you’ve put your own spin on things!

In any case hope you have a great upcoming week, till next time!
Sazako hello,

The cabinet is working handsomely so far; the assembly was seamless (save for the doors), but my steadfastness eclipses my physical capabilities: my mind was demanding that I put it together, even when my back was hurting, and my muscles aching. Even with me not being able to put the doors on myself, it was like a fight, my head demanding that I don't give up. lol it was an achievement that I was able to hold off on the doors before the help arrived. That day I just sat in a chair unable to move much, with the thoughts going "You can do it don't give up".

There are some other figures, mostly Nendoroids, about my room. My justification is if the figure is of comparatively lesser value, or a Nendoroid, I leave it outside. There are some though I rotate in and out of cabinets.

I'm very sorry to hear about Sana. The frustration compounds as they don't concretely tell us why they have to go. I see that she made a song, so I'll listen to it. I'm glad that the other 1st-gen English got all those Figmas and etc being prepared.

Thank you very much for your videos; the first one captures the Touhou characters' personalities with such style, no matter how quick it's for, like Kaguya's NEET paradise, and Alice's doll capabilities. They even put Saikawa's elated face in there XD

The second portrays the lunar capital in a way that reminds me of Einhander. It was a PS1 game that has the moon and the Earth fighting each other, and the 1st level came to me when I was watching it. Unfortunately I'm not fully up yet on the canon lunar capital plot, when it comes to Chang'e and Junko. All I know is the Imperishable Night-era story. When I look back at what I typed, I add that it's not a spoiler thing, but a "I wish I knew more about the later Touhou games" kind of thing.

The Watamote animation gives a lot with its limited scope. The fang girl can't get people to listen to her for long lol. I'm glad it gives time for the other characters too, like Shiki playing her Dance Evolution game.

I found that aesthetic in the Star Wars short, the explosions especially. It's very well done; with the music it feels like a rock opera video from the past. I like how it humanized the TIE fighter pilots. I haven't seen a Star Wars movie in a long while, but when I look back I don't remember the Empire pilots being shown as anything other than masked up.

So yeah I got the figures put together. They're looking great but I haven't felt the spark yet to write. When that happens, it'll stay that way unless I force it out, and that is what I'll do.

Have a great day,


Hope you’ve been having a good week, slowly getting ready for things next month when the 2nd year starts up.

It is really nice to have content for any type of player indeed. Yeah, I have to say that I don’t appreciate it when they make content so hard that older units become unviable. If newer content becomes so hard that it requires certain units, it makes it really hard to keep up with the game for more casual/newer players. Power creep is definitely something the developers have to address carefully.

Yeah it’s safer to make fumos for older more established characters to sell at the end of the day. Newer characters might not be popular enough to sell well cause of less exposure. It’s nice to see that you got a bunch of characters on your end in the game. I’ve enjoyed the different versions of charcters we’ve gotten, it’s really nice.

Right, depends on the character/model in terms of what kind of paint suits it the best, I’d have to say that the old faded colors go well with more traditional looking figures I’d say.

Oh wow, that’s a lot of announced figures that I’ve missed, actually need to catch up to see all the latest and greatest I’d say haha.

I see, hope things go well in fixing your phone. Hope ya have fun watching all the stuff coming out and have a great week, till next time!

I've linked the cabinet here:


I got it last Friday, and put the frame together myself the day after. But those doors were a pain and a half, so I waited until my dad could help me today. We put them both on together, and it's done. It's my absolute last figure display option, so if I run out of room, there'd be no space for other cabinets, so my dad suggested the go big or go home tall thing. It's technically a bookcase but yeah.

I'll respond more proper later on; I'll unbox the Freya and Setsuna figures and write a review on them.

Have a great week,

Heyo once again,

Yeah, I also think so too, there’s supply shocks in a lot of things as well and lots of interconnections, everything is being affected in some form or another.

Mmm, you can take it super hardcore or casually which makes it very flexible for people. I have to agree with ya in terms of team compositions for the harder stuff. I’d have to say that Fate GO is really not all that hard in comparison to the challenges.

Oh wow congrats! That’d be good to get, might try a few pulls but not too many myself.
Ah yeah, that’s what it seems like to me as well. Hmm, I don’t have any particular favorite videos myself. What about you? Also I’d love to see newer characters from the more recent Touhou games get fumos myself.

Haha yeah, I got the lunar war, PCB, and original at the moment. I’m missing the Mysterious Alter ver.

Oh wow that’s not too bad! I didn’t realize that it’s going along that smoothly.
Huh, well some models look better with a more faded paint than a shiny palette in my opinion, gives them that more rustic feeling with the metal that fits.
Hmm not too much myself, have you played or watched any recently?

Hope you have a great weekend as well! Let me know if everything goes well and anything interesting happens.
Till next time!

Have a great weekend too, I'll be putting a new display cabinet together. Yeah it's significantly hot here, I don't know if I'm sensitive to it or not but being out in it just makes me tired. Whenever I can I stay in.

The only one I've thought in detail who I've wanted a Fumo of is Utsuho. Originally, I thought that she had one but I was mistaken. She has these unique features that would translate well.

The picture is Maho from Steins Gate ( www.pixiv.net/e... )
Right, gotta be a bit more frugal with everything, the same kinda thing is happening over here in much the same way, but luckily lettuce over here is nowhere as bad as 9 USD, that’s crazy the price is so high.

It’s a lot a fun to just build something as you wish! It’s cool that you enjoyed making space ships, haha the only exposure I had to those kinda sets were from the Star War sets which became really popular.

Right, I’d definitely see myself as a very casual player, the people who can beat the EX stages seem a bit more involved with the tougher mechanics of the game, which is very impressive. The EX stages are deftinleys till a bit too hard for me now haha. I’ve finally leveled up a team of three Youmu’s, it’s fun to just slash everything through.

It’s great that your gonna get the Alice fumo, I honestly might think about getting more myself. I’m hoping for Rumia to be open to the site sometime in the future as well. It’d be definitely great for Iku and Parsee to get more exposure, figures, nendos, fumos, of any kind please!

Haha thanks! Let me know how your own upcoming holidays turn out! Till next time!
Thank you for the update^_^I think I'll get Alice as well.

This is very great news, I hope they'll keep doing it, so more people can have Fumos. Someone on Twitter mentioned that if they do this with Cirno, they'd sell billions lol
Oh that's nice! I'd love to have a Kokoro myself, so might be aiming for that. More fumos yay. Wonder if we'll finally see the scalping price of it go down on other sites.
Bringing the hobby to your door.


Watamote, Azumanga Daioh, Evangelion, Clannad, Welcome to the NHK
Tales of Symphonia, Touhou Project
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