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I am StarlightLotice (based on a level from Sonic and the surname of my favourite character).

I come from England. I kind of got into this hobby due to a friend (she's forced asked me to join), and I guess I like Nendoroids the most!!!

I have many interests and hobbies, figure collecting being just one.

If you wish to talk about anything with me, just give me a comment and I shall respond when I can!

Favu GamusHidu Favu!Favourite Games: Sonic the Hedgehog, Valkyria Chronicles, Freedom Wars, Dragon's Crown, Bayonetta 2 and Streets of Rage 2

Favu AnimusHidu Favu!Favourite Animes: Durarara, Phantom, Dragon Ball Z, Claymore and Ghibli Films

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StarlightLotice4年前#14107030That's great! Although you'd need my number.
Do you have an e-mail address? Mine is View spoilerHide spoilerdarkknightadie@hotmail.co.uk
I can give you the number if you send me a message to let me know that it is you!

I tried emailing you a few times and it didn't work at all! ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ I have no clue why...
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StarlightLotice4年前#12653550Hey there!
Good to see you are out again! I hope you stay out for a long while.
No problem. I am on Skype if you ever want to talk. I also have What's App now too.

Oh! I'd love to add you on WhatsApp! I haven't used it at all before but it sounds better and more convenient than Skype already, hehe. ♪
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Hello! I am indeed out of the hospital now and I was just about to message you when my computer fricken died aaaaah but I just fixed it (kind of)! I probably won't be around until I can fully replace it though. ;__; Thank you for your well wishes though! I hope you are doing well too! o wob
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StarlightLotice4年前#8285589That sucks. :( You do need to get out of it!!!!
We should chat sometime when you're feeling better! Although I am depressed myself at the moment, I look forward to talking to people.
I've been okay but the new system at work is really annoying to go by. I would rather not do it that certain way and do it how I've always done it...it's just too much paperwork to cater to maybe one or two colleagues, although they should be reading the paperwork without the extra "YOU NEED TO DO X!!!".
I need to pay out £540 for a Gear Box as well, which is annoying, but it needs to be done since it's an essential part of our live.
Oh yeah! I wished you a Chinese New Year back on that week. I also watched some documentaries about China over that period as I love watching shows about Culture. (even our own).

I'm sorry to hear you're depressed too! ;w; I miss talking to you! I'll try to open Skype in the upcoming weeks. Honestly even just after messaging you on here I ended up withdrawing again. u___u I just had a month off from classes and I did nothing but sleep and play mobile games, I swear.

What's a Gear Box? ? w? It looks like a car part...

Ahh that's so nice! Learning about other cultures is really interesting but exploring your own culture is always really nice too. ♪
StarlightLotice4年前#8645631It's fine. I understand if you are busy you know!
Tourist Town? Did a famous film get produced there or something? I know mine did Life on Mars but I never saw a camera in sight (the Drama is about a 1970s Cop Drama, so it kind of insults my town for looking old!)
I guess in America it is considered good to go to College first. In the UK it is almost the same, except some people do go straight to work after High School and usually do very well for themselves! (We see potential employees for experience rather than Degrees, because it means you have been hands on from a younger age) I had a friend who went to work at 16 (he actually just left our school without "graduating") but as far as I know, he's quite high up there now!
I see...although it sounds pretty complicated really. I do logos all day so I find any type of manual labour work after that pretty hard!
Family issues? Oh no. :(
You should have put a bet on the lottery! :P (we consider getting bad luck in one way meaning getting good luck from something else, so people usually bet over here if that happens....yeah, the UK is a betting nation, lol)
It's good Customer Service if they can get you the correct materials after seeing the bad ones from yourself. We usually ask for evidence if a logo has an error on it (You won't believe how many mistakes can happen. Either I miss something like a letter, or the Heat Pressers do it wrong etc, sadly I don't get paid much for such work with pressure), but our company is too soft and give them another batch regardless of error....which annoys me as we've been losing money when a customer has a tiny complaint of a millimetre misalignment! (Heat Pressers aren't perfect, but they try to align 100s of logos a day!)

I don't want to say what exactly is here because it'll give away the location really easily, but lets just say there's something here that a lot people come to all day since it's the only one in the area.
Needless to say I've also seen a movie being taped but I don't really live in the city so that doesn't count.

It sounds pretty nice in the UK, I feel like here in the US, everyone pushes kids to go to college no matter what (regardless if they can afford it or their readiness or their life goals) and then they get slapped with extremely expensive loans and still possibly not get a good job. There's a lot of problems in this country but education really gets me very riled up, it really needs some reform.

It sounds like you have an interesting job at least, although I can see how it can get really tedious after working on that after so many hours >_< I understand it's important to give good customer service but being a total softie is way on the other extreme on the spectrum. As usual, really need to find a happy medium for more things.
StarlightLotice4年前#8231895Likewise (although I never drive it as parents need it for their own jobs).
Ah I see, it was the same over here regarding prices, and I live on the border of my Town (although my town in general isn't that big unless you try to drive to every village in it). Mine are more in different places within that town, which can be a drive if you go down the wrong roads.
I doubt I will ever have kids or a girlfriend...but that's fine.
Ah I see, are we the same age as despite going to college almost 10 years ago, I never went to University and worked since I was 21 (almost 5 years ago now).
That's good to know. I would be lost doing all of that but I do need to sell some games and anime DVDs. >_<
Garage Kit?
Did GSC mess up or something? Those look pretty consistent in terms of damage, as though it scrapped the edge of something in transit.
On another note, my new phone has the theme of Yuyuko as a Ringtone! (From the PS4 game).

Sorry for the mega late reply, I had a giant stack of notifications and splits to take care of and limited time on MFC so I didn't get the chance to do say something until now.

I think my town used to be very tiny a while back, it's now a bit of a "tourist town" now I guess. Never really felt like that to me though.

It was really my parents that pushed me to go to college (I think I would have gone anyway though). It's you know, culture or whatever. They even wouldn't let me get a job until after I graduated (which was last year). But I guess I don't want to get into that too much cause my family life is full of massive complications.

A garage kit is basically someone who did a figure sculpt of a character and then they sell the parts to make it. Then someone has to assemble and paint it so maybe it's like painting by numbers for adults or something? I've been meaning to get started on mine for months but I haven't been able to get the time. I wasn't able to do it in winter because it got so cold and I don't have appropriate ventilation at my place. Now I'm caught up in a lot of work and family issues so it's gonna get pushed aside more.

The wedding dresses just had a ton of defects, I guess I just got a bad batch somehow. I don't know what happened but I got them in the end so it worked out.
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StarlightLotice4年前#8231551Hey there! How are you? I never see you on Skype anymore!
Ahh honestly after I had to go into the hospital for a bit I got kind of glum... I had to start going back to classes a little bit after that as well so I got super withdrawn and stopped talking to people and stopped signing into Skype and stuff. u____u But that's no way to be! So I'm trying to stop doing that. ; w;b How about you? How have you been lately?
Honey rewriter of fate
I had a dream that I left a comment on your profile (゚ロ゚)! So I thought I'd stop by and say hi! It's been a while! ; w;b
StarlightLotice4年前#7873426That's too bad. :( Mine are more closer to home, but to get to those places, it costs quite a bit to travel, in addition to working full time it's not always worth it.
That sucks, but in a way, it depends on what you want to do yourself. You seem to be happy doing splits and stuff right?
Oh yeah, I read about the dresses being defective? Is it something to do with colour distortion?

I'm lucky to have a car and with gas prices not too expensive right now. I remember just a few years back the gas cost was double what it is now. My closest friends live in another state already so it's a bit of a drive (I'm close to the border though).

Also Yeah, I totally understand. I'm not really in a position (or honestly, care) to have children or start a family right now or get a house or whatever my past high school classmates are up to right now. I still need to pay off my student loans, which are not pretty, and I would like to go back to school for my master's some day but I don't think that's happening anytime soon either.
I do like to split stuff, it helps get my mind off things and having stuff to do with my hands helps, and I'm happy to help others out with getting parts (and at least kind of lowering the cost of the ones I want). Of course, that has it's stress sometimes but most of the time it's pretty smooth. With the weather getting warmer I'm also planning to try out making a garage kit. I have a few of them that I need to work on.

The wedding dresses had all sorts of weird mishaps. They had like glue(?) (or at least I HOPE that is glue..), paint transfers, large scratches, and one dress even had white paint fingerprint stains on it. I posted the original pictures here imgur.com/a/CHp... . I had to redo them (again!) because GSC didn't like these pictures but I didn't upload those to somewhere public so I can't link them.
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!


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