Wants all da figures
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I'm Talolili. I love anime and the Japanese culture. I'm kinda shy but I love meeting new people online (and in person). I mostly collect Japanese dolls but I want to get more into figures. Feel free to message me anytime!


Talolili5年前#3308172Sorry for the late reply lol. It's pretty cool you got to see them live in concert (the spit part sounds gross though)! I still haven't been to a real concert yet. Planned to see the Deftones this month but had to change my plans. Maybe one day I'l get to see a favorite artists/band of mine.

It is definitely worth it to see live shows. I just saw Circa Survive a few months ago and it was a great experience. ^^
Talolili5年前#3259327I'd say I'm a casual fan but I do love the movies and some of the comics. I like some DC characters as well.
I hope the next few comic movies are as good as they're hyping them up to be!

Yeah! I have quite abit of faith in the ones being made by Disney but Fox seems to be kind of.. i forgot the word. Unsteady? INCONSISTENT. The most recent F4 was pretty bad imo but they look like they're gonna do a really good job with Deadpool and I liked TASM2 even though the rhino fight was a lie and the cast seemed kinda cramped.

Which are the ones you're looking forward to the most? Oh and just curious but are you following any of the currently airing anime?
Talolili5年前#3271400No problem, thanks for accepting. Lately I've been listening to alternative like Zella Day and Halsey and some electronica artists like Nero and Big Data, but I like so many different types. Pop, punk, rap and hip hop etc. I saw that we both like Run the Jewels, Crystal Castles and Daft Punk. :)

That's cool! I actually saw RTJ in concert with my BF this past fall. It was a really intimate venue, so the crowd was awesome and the interaction was great.
I actually got some accidental spit on me from Killer Mike because we were up so close. Hahahaha!

I saw them the day before they appeared on the David Letterman Show which was pretty surreal.

I love rap/electronica/math rock/vaporwave/experimental music. My favorite group of all time is Death Grips. My favorite genre of music is Math Rock (LITE, Battles, Chon, Foals, Don Caballero, etc.) ^^
Talolili5年前#3262653Hello, this is Talolili from the DD forum. I've sent you a friend request. :)
I see we also have similar tastes in anime and music. I hope you accept my request.

Hello! Thank you for your friend request! (*^▽^)/
What kind of music do you like?
Talolili5年前#3235742Mostly just needed the money! Haha, but he sold for a pretty good amount. Now I only have Black Widow from the first Avengers movie. I think I'll just collect the female figures from HT. ;)

Aww. Are you a big fan of the MCUniverse? I can't wait for the Captain Marvel movie. If she ever gets made by HT it'll be something I definitely can't miss.
Talolili5年前#3219323LOL and yeah, I like HT. I had two of them but sold Loki off last year. Since I've ordered The Scarlet Witch and she should arrive next year.

Ouuhh. Why'd you sell Loki though? I thought he was a really popular one that many people wanted. Or is that the reason why you sold him?
And what's the other one you had? I wanted to PO the AoU costume Captain America but my bills for these few months won't let me. :T
Talolili6年前#2794795Sorry my replies are late! She wasn't so expensive since I split off some of her parts. I also remember them being offered at a con. I'd love to see them at a booth one day. :)

Pfft. Mine are waaaay later. :B Just wondering, since you seem to prefer collecting posable (poseable?[idk]) stuff do you buy things from Hot Toys? :O
Talolili6年前#2732660Oh, that's OK. No worries. Would you like to be friends there?
And thanks so much. I'll be adding the Dollfie Dream Miku Hatsune to my collection in a second. Forgot to update it lol!

We're not friends yet? :O Haha yeah sure! I don't really talk to CR's community much though. ._.

You got a dolfie dream Miku?? Don't those cost a bomb? I think I remember seeing one at the Volks booth of a convention in my country late last year and it was sold out within a few hours of the first day.
Oh man this is about 11 months late but I just saw your PM about being from CrunchyRoll and looking for friends. Sorry bout that. (´∀`;)

You have a nice collection btw!
Welcome to MFC and the Naruto Collectors club :)
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