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2020 season 3 part 1 | omg help I need space for my collection
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Shining Hearts - Melty de Granite - Sorbet - 1/8 (Alter)Super Danganronpa 2: Sayonara Zetsubou Gakuen - Monomi - Nanami Chiaki - 1/8 (Phat Company)Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - 1/8 - Senbonzakura (FREEing)Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - Trick or Miku (Union Creative International Ltd)Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal Season III - Sailor Saturn - Figuarts ZERO (Bandai)Super Danganronpa 2: Sayonara Zetsubou Gakuen - Nanami Chiaki - B-style - 1/4 - Bunny Ver. (FREEing)Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Rem - 1/7 - Halloween Ver. (Phat Company)Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - 1/7 - Shaohua (Myethos)Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! - Chomusuke - Megumin - KDcolle - 1/7 - Light Novel China Dress Ver. (Kadokawa)Hololive - Bloop - Gawr Gura - 1/7 (Fujiyama Sankaku)Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun - Hanako-kun (Gill Gill)

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Piapro Characters - Hatsune Miku - BiCute Bunnies - White Bunny Pearl Color ver. (FuRyu)


Hey hey~



Hey sorry for not replying earlier, been busy with Disneyland XD BACK HOME NOW, THOUGH, SO I CAN FINALLY REPLY XD

Glad you liked the stream! I actually plan on making a YouTube video later, so that should be fun XD Once again, I've forgotten to reply, BUT IT'S NOT GONNA BE A MONTH AGAIN, SO HERE WE ARE XD Dang it was 2 AM? Sorry I didn't realize it was so late for you! I'll try to make my next live earlier in the day XD

Oh no way! Glad you were able to get it! Let me know what you think of it, whatever one you decide to start with XD Oh dang fr? Covid and make-up work sounds terrible ;-; Oh I actually pre-registered for SEKAI! I love it so far, and I love how they add new song options to the music shop so often! What band/character is your favorite? Personally, I love the Virtual Singer band, probably because I just love the classic Vocaloid members XD As for my favorite character, I love Daisuke Hirose from WonderlandsXShowtime! He's great XD Dude NieR order guides suck. They tell you to play Drakengard first, which is way unnecessary. I started with NieR: Automata, then I got NieR: Replicant ver. 1.22, which is just a Replicant remake. It really doesn't matter what order you play, but some stuff in Automata makes more sense if you play Replicant first. Basically, I recommend Replicant first, then Automata XD

Seriously! It's so difficult to find the perfect thing while staying within a reasonable budget XD Not to mention, idek if it's perfect yet because I haven't seen or talked to her since halfway through December ;-; Oh those are sick! I think your friend popped up on my recommended on Instagram, because they had a story with those figures XD Did she end up liking them though? I mean, they are pretty cool, so idk why she wouldn't XD Nah don't ever regret getting a present for someone, it's not necessary, ya know? If they like it, it's always worth it! You'll have to let me know what she gets you, too! It's uhh, it's been so long I forgot some of what I got her XD What I remember is a Tokidoki figurine, some earrings, and a scrunchie. I don't remember what else XD

Oh boy I get that. Art can be terrible sometimes, but when you do do some new art, you'll have to let me know! Oh no way! Senbonzakura is actually my favorite Vocaloid song, next to Saihate and Viva Happy! (I want her Nendoroid too ;-;) I don't blame you with the Chloe drawing, they all have insane designs with the new gen XD Also, to answer your question, no. No I haven't XD

Oh fr, One Piece was one of my first anime, so I was able to get into it at around the 800 episode mark, which was still a lot, but not as bad as 1000+ XD I understand that, I started Hyoka like a month ago, but I'm still only on episode 6 ;-; Personally, Naruto is my second favorite of the big 3, Bleach being #1. Simply because Bleach has less episodes and held my attention better than Naruto, not to mention, I liked the voice acting, animation style, and fight scenes way more in Bleach. Naruto was better in terms of characters, though, as well as humor, so it's still a great watch XD I think it took me a little more than a year to finish Naruto (counting Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, and all the movies) I watched Naruto before I knew what a filler was, but I'd say skip the filler episodes for sure. Some are funny, but for those I'd probably watch a clip compilation. Not to mention, that cuts the 700 episode length down to about half XD

Oh thank you so much! I was super glad to win them, and still am! I've a;ways had some pretty good luck when it came to giveaways, so I enter as many as I can XD Honestly, my parents were skeptical at first, but it's actually super fun XD For the glass painting I got a Miyamura and Hori from Horimiya painting! They said they're gonna ship it tomorrow, so that'll be awesome!
Oh for sure XD The other set was just so weird to me, idk why anyone would buy them XD I do agree, the Ram one looks cute, but dang the Rem one is just- horrible XD Seriously, they've been in so many of those types of rooms, I'm more shocked when they AREN'T in the picture XD Oh yeah the bases are amazing! i wasn't really expecting them to have such nice bases! I was expecting your average black/white prize figure base, but I'm pleasantly surprised with them! For sure! The Asuna is stinking awesome! One of my favorites, actually! She's also way bigger than I expected, so that's always a great surprise! Honestly, I grew out of Pops a while ago, and I don't have many left, I pretty much only have some Vocaloid, MCR, Cobra Kai, and Kingdom hearts ones, with a random Levi, but I saw the Monokuma and needed it! Hopefully, as you said, the future Danganronpa ones look good! I have high hopes after seeing Monokuma! Agreed, they are affordable for sure, and they have a wide range of character! Only thing is, after starting my figure collection, I know why they are so affordable XD
Sorry for the late reply, But thank you so much!!!
Merry Christmas!!!
DUDE SAME. I have no money, and it'll probably be sold out by my birthday, so I'm at a loss XD We should try to get some sort of winter job, whether it be snow or leave XD GOOD LUCK

Oh no it's cool! I know the feeling all to well XD I had times where it went down for maintenance or I accidentally went back trying to go to another tab (most likely Spotify) so I totally get it XD It's gotten so bad I've started coping my replies just in case ;-;

Oh I saw that the other day! I nearly died, but it's all good XD I HOPE IT'S GONNA LEAD TO AN ACTUAL NENDOROID! I'd be able to die the happiest person EVER if they announced a Chiaki Nendoroid XD Same with Nagito and Hajime! I need em all XD Thank you for telling me, though! And you got that right. I'm a serious Chiaki simp as well as a huge Nendoroid lover XD
Oh don't worry about it! At least it wasn't a month XD Sorry for not responding yesterday after the stream, btw. I ended up getting busy and had a party with a couple of my friends today as well as a birthday party for my cousin, so it's been busy XD

Oh totally! I absolutely can't wait for them! She'd better be great! I paid like almost 70 bucks for her as well as her insane shortage XD Oh fr? Whenever you're able to get a chance, I totally recommend getting into it! Preferably sooner than later, because all my brothers drop the series literally 2-3 hours into the FIRST GAME Basically I need someone to talk about it to XD No, it is actually a really good series, my second favorite actually! Hmmm... Things to know about NieR and Final Fantasy before getting into them... Well for Final Fantasy, it's easy. Go for the remastered games, they have improved graphics and smoother gameplay. The originals are cool and all, but the remastered and remakes versions are so much better. Especially FFVII Remake. As for NieR, if your'e good with games tha make you think and even question life and everything like that, NieR is freaking sick. It's an amazing action slasher/shooter story game with a philosophical storyline and questions relating. There are only 2 major games in the NieR series, so that'll be pretty easy to get into. Aside from that, the only other thing I can say is the games are freaking LONG. Pretty much every Square Enix game could last anywhere from 25-60 hours to beat. Longest I've spent on a game so far was NieR Automata, and I spent 55 hours collecting every ending. All 26 XD Oh and even though they have long gameplay times, it's worth every second.

As for how I got myself into $50 worth of debt, I needed money for my girlfriend's birthday presents XD I haven't found a good winter job yet, either, so it might take a while for me to pay all my debt off. All worth it to see the smile on her face when she opened it though!

Seriously? That's so cool! And I get what you mean about it getting curly XD I have to blow-dry it and brush it at the same time or I'll have one curly freaking afro XD Idk, I like my curls though. Get a lot of compliments about them and stuff XD
That makes sense, wanna make a good first impression! Honestly, drawing Chloe would be awesome! Her design is easily one of my favorites from this new gen! Personally, I like Hakui Koyori the most, she's just too adorable XD I got a soft spot for the pink XD Anyways, I can't wait for your first post :D
I'M GOING TO! I WAS GONNA WORK ON IT TODAY, BUT I ENDED UP GETTING SO BUSY! She was at my party, too, and I was planning on giving it to her, but I forgot ;-; I'll work on it tomorrow, as I don't have school and an entire day of free time! Oh yeah it's gonna be a gift for her I forgot to mention that XD It's a picture of the guys from Given, one of her favorite anime! She makes me drawings all the time, but I just have almost no motivation to draw recently it's terrible ;-; I WILL GET IT DONE BEFORE I SEE HER NEXT TIME, THOUGH, DON'T WORRY XD As you said, just gotta throw on some music, relax, and just draw!

Right?! It's terrible XD I HAVEN'T EVEN THOUGHT OF WHAT I'M GONNA GET MY FRIENDS YET! I have a couple pairs of earrings for my girlfriend already, but the rest of my friends are gonna be difficult. Oh your friend likes Evangelion? That's sick! Sorry not the point, I just love Eva XD Second favorite anime actually XD Hmm.. $50 limit, but it's $57? Well, I suppose it all depends on how badly they want it and if you're willing to go over. For secret santa with my family, we had a limit of $30, and I spent close to $40, of course putting my further into debt, because I knew what he wanted was more that my limit. Which Rei is it? I could try to help find one for cheaper too, if you wanted! Fingers crossed you get some awesome presents!

How'd I get into One Piece and even catch up? Well, I've been watching One Piece for a little more than 4 years, and it used to be all I watched. after I finished Naruto/Shippuden and Bleach, I figured I'd watch the last of The Big Three, and just went from there XD It took about 3 years to fully catch up with my watch speed, but eventually I did, and love it! Still a fan all these years later XD
Agreed. I keep looking and trying to figure out what the best way to go about it would be, but I always land on DETOLFS. You'd probably be best starting out with shelves, though. Try and get a feel of the type of organization that comes with it, if that makes sense. Yeah I'll totally show you! I have a few ideas for now that I'd like to carry out. I wanna have like a Square Enix shelf, with like NieR, Kingdom Hearts, The World Ends With You, and Final Fantasy. A SAO shelf, my Nendoroids, and hopefully in the future a Hololive shelf! I hope my Hololive collection looks great in the future, but I only have 2 things ordered rn. I want the rest of the Nendoroids in the future as well as the PUP figures XD (I'm like 50 dollars in debt rn though, so that won't happen for a while XD)

Ok sweet thanks! I followed you earlier, and I noticed you followed me as well, so thank you! Can't wait for your first post :D Right? It totally sucks. The worst thing, though, is when you have the motivation to actually do art, and don't have the right colors or shades to finish the piece. I'm trying to draw one rn, and noticed I ran out completely of the grey I use for shading XD Thankfully, my gf got me a new one, so we'll see if I finish it ;-; Oh that's good! I know a lot of places require new drawings and all that crap, so it's awesome you van use some older ones! Should make it easier XD

Oh don't worry about it I really don't mind! Thank you though for being so considerate! As for things going on in my life, though, there are a few things. First thing being CHRISTMAS IS SO FREAKING CLOSE NOW. I'm so excited rn :D I usually block out any Christmas related things from my mind until after thanksgiving, so it's time to go insane XD We have all these amazing decorations everywhere and like a mini tree in my room! I don't listen to a whole lot of Christmas music, though. The majority of it kinda drives me insane XD New ones anyways. Classic Xmas music is great. As for rn, though. I'm just listening to the Undertale OST. Can never go wrong with good ol' Undertale! I also wanna have a white elephant Christmas party with some of my friends somewhere around the 19th! Only thing is I'm broke XD I'm also stinking excited about my presents!! I can't wait for my JJK Nendos and Eren! And the more I look at Eren, the more I want him in my collection. He's just to funny XD

Anywho, moving on from Christmas, I've just been trying to think of some figure photography ideas, but I keep drawing blanks. I wanna do one with my Sora and Roxas, but I don't know how I should do it... Aside from that, I've pretty much just been watching anime, started Squid Game, and playing a crap ton of video games XD Oh I did reach the thousandth episode of One Piece though, so that's pretty cool! Took me four years, but I'm all caught up XDD Spent some time with my friends and gf, so that's cool too. Being homeschooled makes it way freaking harder to hang out, so it's nice when I'm able to XD

Aside from that, my life's pretty boring as of recently. Not a whole lot going on XD

(Btw, that Korone gif is FREAKING ADORABLEEEEEE! Yubi Yubi :D)
Oh that's awesome! And that Sailor Moon is really amazing! I was looking at her on TOM earlier and thought she was really well detailed! I know what you mean about DETOLFS. My collection used to be on my dresser for a while as well, and I recently got some actual shelves, but DETOLFS seem way better XD My parents are gonna get me a couple of them, hopefully soon XD

No problem! And that sounds absolutely awesome. 5 foot forks with your meal? Heck yeah XD Oh she's so cool! I can definitely see you're a Sailor Moon fan, so that's pretty cool! And her detail and paint look amazing too! HOLY CRAP YOU'RE NOT DONE WITH BIRTHDAY STUFF?! Jeez lucky XD And a second piercing? All of my friends that have gotten piercings have only been able to choose one or the other, so that's pretty cool ngl

I seriously hope you get her for Christmas. I'm like rooting for you like crazy at this point XD I know what you mean. I think they nailed Junko's style, so lets hope that Chiaki is the same! Oh her hoodie sprite would be adorable! I'd totally get her XD (I mean I am anyways, but that would motivate me more XD) I don't think we have to worry about the Hololive hype dying down yet, in fact, it's stronger rn then it has been in a while, with the new gen of Hololive JP debuting this week. Maybe GSC will release them pretty soon because of that, fingers crossed XD

Idk, therapists might not be the best option for them. It's such a shame that people have to deal with their own problems by taking it out on those around them, as well as themselves. It's honestly so sad to me to see people act like that. What I don't get is why these sad and depressed people don't choose to take their anger and sadness and turn it into motivation to better themselves instead. I have multiple friends that are depressed and sad, but they do exercise, gaming, and art. It actually helps them a ton. And if the only drawback is more homework, it'd be worth it to transfer. Especially with having friends and even cousins at the other school XD

Oh that's awesome! What's you IG btw? And that's good about the month long deadline as well as the drawings being able to be incomplete. Always hard to finish them. 20 shouldn't be TO hard thankfully XD Oh that's a really good idea! Try and get yourself prepared a little more than before! I know what you mean XD I've just stared for hours at something I've wanted before, trying to figure out how to make the money for it, where I'd put it, and everything related XD
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