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My favorite characters are Nozomi+Maki (LL), Mari+Yoshiko (LLS), Meiko+Rin+Luka (Vocaloid), Satori+Yukari+Ran (Touhou), Kirari+Anzu+Ranko (Idolm@ster), Ochako (MHA), and Miki+Renge (BGHS)!


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NozoMaki is my jam~<3
Also YohaMari! ^v^
Steven Universe, Love Live, Love Live Sunshine, cooking shows
Soul Eater, Blood Lad, recipe books
Pokemon, Project Mirai DX, LLSIF
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Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
Heya! Sorry if it's weird to comment on but I saw your blog post about maybe being interested in art trades? If you were still looking I might be able to fit in a trade with you ^^ My blog is here for a general idea of my style > sammi-doodles.t...
Feel free to PM me if you'd be interested and want to discuss anything, if you're not interested don't worry I won't take it personally ^^
I am sorry for your loss, I hope you can take time for yourself to heal.
chocoloco (5ヶ月前) #24449211Yee 'o'
I think if i had to pick a favorite, I would pick token events! It gives me an opportunity to play a new song whenever i choose (during the event period) and each time i play that song, it helps me rank up quicker without using LP! Which one is your favorite? 'v'
Aww yay! I hope you get good results in your scout! ^v^
In JP, i've been saving for a huge Halloween scouting (I love Halloween!) and in EN, i don't really have any plans, maybe besides Guilty Kiss once it shows up 'o'
I tend to like a lot of ghost and grass types, but I like Pokemon of other types too! My favorite since I was young is Mismagius: pokiidex.com/Co... and my favorite in Alola (not counting starter pokemon) is Shiinotic: cdn.bulbagarden...
Do you have any favorite Pokemon?

Same, token events used to be my least favorite (playing Junai Lens over and over while tiering for fairy Nozomi was not fun) but I love them now because of the LP multiplier! And choosing the song is definitely a plus too, I hate score matches because the song pools are so limited and the MMR ranking thing is just annoying.
Oh right, is the next Halloween set going to be that one that people voted on? Also did you see that the the worldwide poster girl promos give a UR seal? I just had to sell my Mari as soon as I max leveled and max bonded her.
Wow those are interesting favorites! I feel like most people pick the Eeveelutions and whatnot. I always liked Psyduck and Snorlax!
chocoloco (5ヶ月前) #24059657I think both are alright, but i'm not the best judge because i haven't tried either of them that much. >v<
Aww...Oh yeah, it is soon! I'll have to figure out whether i want to scout in it or not! 'o'
Yee, i think it's pretty good for someone starting out! The characters are fun, the story is pretty interesting, and there are a few features that make things easier like the game showing you what moves of yours are super effective against an opponent Pokemon! Some things i'd warn you about though is that the events leading up to getting your starter Pokemon and after beating the champion can be quite long and there may be a few difficult battles, but I think overall the game is one of the easier ones when compared to games from other generations. 'v'
I don't have every Pokemon but i've filled the Alolan Pokedex because the Alolan Pokedex only has 301 Pokemon! (301 versus somewhere between 700 and 800 XD) The rest can be found later on by trading with people/older games. And thanks ^v^

I saw that it's been a while since the last Osanpo Rally, maybe they're tweaking the formula to make it more interesting? What would you say your favorite event type is?
All the new Master goals on EN are giving me tons of love gems so maybe I can get enough for another scout in time for Mari! Doing a 30 gem scout for Honk set me back a bit though lol. If I don't get Mari or a UR, I really hope I at least get the Ruby SR. ;-; Are you saving for anything on EN or JP?
Ooh I like easier lol. 301 still sounds really impressive! :o That would definitely be good enough for me haha. Do you have any favorite Pokemon?
Thanks for accepting my friend request! You have a great collection!
chocoloco (5ヶ月前) #23876585Aww, i'm glad Umi likes you! Gosh, Nozomi doesn't come easily for either of us. 'o'
Yee, I like the URs I have in my accounts ^v^
Okay! When it comes to stickers, it's up to you what you do with them. 'v'
Yes, I have Pokemon Sun! Aww, Rowlet's a good one...though, for me, I picked Litten because I love cats, and I was lucky enough to get a girl one! (There's a 1 in 8 chance of getting a girl starter)
Pokemon Sun/Moon is a nice game! At least, i liked it ^v^

What do you think of the new event types on JP? I heard a lot of people find Osanpo Rally boring but idk about the co-op one. It seems like it'd be fun but also kind of stressful haha. Also I wasn't expecting the Aqours angel set to be coming so soon for some reason ahh, I think I'll only have enough for 4 scouts by the time Mari comes along. >.<
Do you think Sun and Moon are an okay place to start? I know a lot of the earlier Pokemon but it seems like there's a million of them at this point lol. Did you ever try to collect all of them? And congrats on your Litten luck. XD
chocoloco (6ヶ月前) #23576478Yesss, I'm glad I was able to get the Mermaid UR pair! I liked the URs I gave up in JP so it was a hard decision for me at first, but I think it was a good choice in the long run!
Oh wow! That's cool that we have the same Aqours URs! 'v'
Yee, I have a lot of Eli and Maki...I wish I had better Nozomi luck too, but i'll gladly take luck for two of my top 3 ^v^
Aww, those are nice URs! I used to have Marine Umi ovo (in my old EN)
Funny thing about that...because I had so many SSRs in my EN, I got rid of some Initial Muse ones and I have enough to idolize a UR! However, there aren't any I want to idolize yet, so i'm saving the seals for when I get a UR I do want to idolize!
Yee, I do like Pokemon! I have most of the games, i believe! One of my favorite things to do in the games is finding rare Pokemon and breeding them for me and my friends ^V^

That's pretty lucky that it's 2 of your top 3! Umi loves me which is great because she's one of my top 3, but I really wish Nozomi would love me too lol. Nozomi is so shy. >.<
Aw, it looks like you made up for your account loss with a lot of great URs though! I had Marine Umi on my side account that I eventually just stopped playing. It was cool but also kind of frustrating, since I'd rather have her on my main haha.
Ooh nice! I was planning on using all my SSR stickers on Cafe Maid Umi but she's not a UR I absolutely need to have idolized so I think I'll wait too.
Have you played Sun and Moon? I was thinking about finally getting started on Pokemon with one of those two but idk. I also really like how one of the starters, Rowlet, looks a lot like Kotori.
chocoloco (6ヶ月前) #23417375Aww nice! 'v'
In JP, I have Mermaid Nozomi (had to give up Baseball Maki, Fruits Eli, and Birthstone Eli for it), Wedding Honoka, and 7 Lucky Gods Eli! In EN, I have Mermaid Maki, Pool Eli, Magician Maki, Haregi Ruby, Initial Riko, and Initial Nico! Which URs do you have? 'o'
Yee, I like collecting cards! I have three binders: one for Pokemon, one for Love Live/Love Live Sunshine, and one for Vanguard! Clear files sound cool! I only have one but if I find other ones i like, I'll try to pick them up too ^v^

Omg that's right, you have the Mermaid pair! So cool. *_* Seems like a good trade for Nozomi too since none of the URs you gave up are especially amazing, but then again I'm very Nozomi biased. And I remember that we both got Haregi Ruby around the same time, and I have Initial Riko too! So weird that our Aqours URs are the same lol. And wow you really have some Eli/Maki luck. XD Other than Riko, Ruby, and the two URs I just got, I only have Initial Honk (worst UR art ever imo but she was my first), China Dress Kotori, Cafe Maid Umi, and Marine Nozomi which is easily my favorite haha. Would you idolize any of your URs with stickers if you had the chance? All of your URs look great both ways imo, some maybe even better unidolized. I actually prefer the Haregi and Pool v1 sets unidolized in general.
Oh cool! Are you into Pokemon too? I feel horrible because everyone loves Pokemon but I'm always too lazy to start any of the games. :S
chocoloco (6ヶ月前) #22834154Aww...I wish you luck on the Guilty Kiss scouting if you do it! 'o'
Whoa, that's a ton of blue coupons! But it's nice that you'll be able to guarantee 2 URs from it! ^v^
Ooh cool! And I think the rock Maki came first? '3'
I don't really play any of the games...I like collecting the cards because of the characters/art! Though some of my friends play Vanguard. 'v'

Thank you! I need it haha. I actually just used all of my coupons on the UR box! I got Mermaid Maki and New Year Umi. :D I was initially a little bit disappointed with MerMaki because she's not Mermaid Nozomi (yes I'm horrible) and I wish she went to my sister instead because Maki is one of her best girls, but I will love the tomato like she would. Which won't be hard because Maki is adorable and the UR is totally gorgeous. Which URs do you have on your accounts?
Oh, collecting cards for the art does seem like fun since they're so cheap and have so many designs to choose from! I love collecting clear files for the same reason haha. Do you keep your cards in one of those binders/folders?
chocoloco (7ヶ月前) #22440576I'm not sure yet...they're nice cards, but I'm waiting on my Guilty Kiss scouting to decide on that. (If I get angel Mari or Riko in there, I don't have to worry about it in EN)
Aww okay. 'v' And oh yee, that's a good idea! I've been pulling it every time i get 5 because I get too excited, but I did do a 10 coupon one once! I got the yukata Dia SSR from it.
My first event was the Rock Maki event! My friend started up the account for me and she did that event, so I started out with that SR along with an animal Maki UR she pulled in a green ticket! What was your first event? 'o'
Yee, this site is good for buying Weiss Schwarz single cards! I like trading cards...Besides Love Live, I also have a lot of Pokemon and Vanguard cards ^v^

Maybe I'll wait for Guilty Kiss scouting too...I'm thinking I'll wait to scout till I clear the SRs out of my present box buut I'm scared to do a big scout and get nothing again. >.<
Haha well as long as you have okay coupon luck I think it's better to do the 5 or 10. I almost have 50 coupons atm, which feels a little excessive for only two URs but oh well, at least they're guaranteed.
Oh I think Rock Maki was the first Maki I tiered for! Or it may have been Easter Maki, whichever came first. You started out with a really cute SR. My first event was Reading Eli/Cutie Panther Token waay back. I joined it midway so I never got the SR. :( I remember being more upset that I didn't reach the alpaca though, because I thought you could put it on your team or something lol. And you had a waaay better first UR than me omg.
Wow do you actually play the card games too? I'm totally clueless when it comes to those haha.
chocoloco (7ヶ月前) #22292493Aww yee, that's coming to EN eventually! Angel Mari is a pretty card. ^v^
I already idolized my Job Mari with stickers because I was so excited. X3 It's up to you whether you'd want to do that yourself or not!
Whoa, that's so cool you've been playing that long! My first anniversary will be in August/September 'o'
Aww...I hope ghost Nozomi comes to you soon! It might sound weird, but if you want a physical copy of her, there's a Weiss Schwarz card of her! > shop.tcgplayer....

Are you going to scout for Angel Mari? The Riko is super pretty too...but I only just saved up 50 gems again so I won't keep my hopes up.
I don't really need another perfect locker but I probably will, she's just too pretty lol. I'm just using my stickers for coupons otherwise so I can scout in the guaranteed UR boxes when they come around. My coupon luck is just way too horrible haha.
Ohh our anniversaries are around the same time, and you have a lot of good cards for someone that hasn't been playing that long! :o Do you remember what your first event was?
I think it's weirder that I'm so obsessed with virtual cards haha, that looks like a pretty cool site actually! Maybe I will get her, I already have a lot of Sengoku Basara trading cards so I may as well get one of those card folders.
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