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I'm a wierd anime freak that plays video games and is a Fujoshi, thanks for noticing me!

Anime stores I buy from:

Amiami, Archonia, Tokyo Otaku Mode, Mandarake, Solaris Japan, Conventions, Book Depository and Animere (Anime Shop in Almere)

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07時間前KattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
franjandar (18時間前) #26148131Thanks for the reply! And thank you, I'll keep that in mind. I heard that she doesn't come with instructions is that true?Yep, I don't remember seeing any instructions sadly :( It's easy enough with the pictures on the box itself though.
franjandar (17時間前) #26149482I wish that would happen XD Oh that makes sence, yeah the Qeus Q ver. does look a lot better then the Plum one now that I look at it... But I will resist buying her! First a roof and then all the plastic anime girls I can imagine! :P
Eh, as much as I like to joke around, it's good to see you have your actual priorities in order. There really are people that would forgo the roof repair to buy figures or other things like that.
franjandar (18時間前) #26148162I see you've ordered Tamamo... I'm jelous :( I don't have the money for her since my darn roof is leaking and I have to spend 1K euro's for repairs... But eitherway I saw you've ordered a schathach again, but don't you have the same one already?
Who needs a roof when you can have a foxy maid! She'll clean up the drips for you! And I have Plum's Scathach. This one is Ques Q's version of her. I tried to pass, but I just love the way the body lines look too much.
01日前KattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
franjandar (1日前) #26129668Hi! I recently ordered Fukusei no Byakuya Franchir 1/8th scale and since you have it I was wondering if the essembly is hard? I couldn't find any comments on her page about this subject, so I thought I'd ask you!Hiya! Assembly isn't fun unfortunately. She's a polyresin and has a few thin pieces :( In the end it was okay but it was a bit stressful and not everything fit perfectly on mine.
franjandar (3日前) #26032606Wow dude your collection is freaking awesome! Your Link 1/7th scale by Max Factory is especially amazing!
Thanks for the kind comment :] I hope to display my collection and take lots of pictures one day. I'm liking your Miku collection!




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