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Also owned, but not allowed on MFC:
Vocaloid 4 Library Stardust by Myethos www.myethos.hk/...
Paid $108.28 (11,440 yen) at AmiAmi, new, on August 12, 2017

Yaya Tushan from Enmusubi no Yoko-chan, by EmonToys (she was allowed on the site forever, then removed because of stupid rules recently).
Paid $109.56 (11,920 yen) at AmiAmi, new, on July 13, 2018

Yae Sakrura China Dress Version by APEX from Honkai Impact 3rd
16,500 yen ($156.17) on August 6, 2019, paid on February 13, 2020. Recieved 2-18-2020

Another Little Mermaid by Myethos.
$166.39. Ordered from GSC during their stay at home sale, April 20, 2020. Because of Corona, didn't ship until Jan 28, 2021. Received Feb 1, 2021

Rita Rossweisse by miHoYo
15,400¥ ($152.93). Paid AmiAmi 2-4-2021, received 2-8-2021

Kiana Kaslana by miHoYo
17,160¥ ($162.55). Paid AmiAmi 6-16-2021

Yae Sakura Dream Raiment Version (Kira no Gensou) by Apex
22,500 yen ($212.26) + 8,300 yen ($78.30) from Big in Japan
ordered/paid 7-1-2021, due for March 22 release.

A guy who has bought a few figures. Ok, more than a few.

I also have a YouTube channel where I post unboxings of all my figures, some loot hauls, and some other random things. You can check it out here if you so desire: www.youtube.com...

And finally, a warning. It's come to my attention that some people are posting links to my collection out in Internet-land and are claiming it as their own. They also try to sell my figures. Please know that I currently have no plans to sell any of my figures. I do not post at places such as 4chan. So if someone is trying to sell you something and links to my profile, you are being scammed.



Thank You, Muri <3
You are right, it was on the third of July =)
Hello, thanks i have tomorrow ha ha but thank you <3
Here to say, I rly enjoy your YT channel and especially your voice, it's very relaxing to watch.
I’m a person who isn’t exactly up to birthday celebrations, even though most find it weird. There are things in life that teach or mark you, but that doesn’t mean I don’t hang out in society and have good time with them. So I think it’s right to be honest with friends even if they’d leave you ‘because’, yet I respect you and I’m happy when people, friends remember others and tell them that. Thank you.
Hey murialita, thanks for accepting my friend request. I was browsing Race Queen Shoukaku and saw a comment mentioning you do figure reviews. This got me interested and checked out your YouTube channel. Watching a bunch of your review videos now and really enjoying it. Really nice to see a fellow men of culture appreciating Haruna. Looking forward to your future reviews!
Hello murialita, thank you for accepting my friend request. Discovered your YouTube channel earlier this year and have been a fond follower since. I like how you slowly take your time to show the entirety of the figure off, explaining your opions on the pros and negatives. Also the back story on when you preorded/ what site/ how much etc.

Your marble turntable is sweet for showcasing. Your 1/4 no game no life jibril figure is maybe my fave of your collection.
Keep up the great content. Looking forward to your next video.

P. S milow rocks haha (sorry if I spelt the name wrong)
Thank you for accepting my friend request, your videos are informative, and you give a lot of character to them.
Hey! Cool collection I really like your YouTube reviews videos too! Keep up the good work ;3
Thank you for accepting my fr! Your collection is very inspiring! Tamamo is the best~ (●´ω`●)
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