Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!


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I started collecting figures back in 2010. My first figure was Pocco (ITEM #1566), which won me over by its design and art style (I also happen to like the other works by that particular artist). This was well before I even watched anime on a regular basis.

My collection slowly grew from then on, going for somewhat more elaborate figures. It was around December 2011 when I finally discovered stores like Mandarake, and soon after found MFC, when my initial ordering spree started. At that point my collection grew considerably as I found more and more figures (plenty of cheap prize figures too) that caught my attention.

As far as anime goes, that generally only got started because of the figure collecting. I can thank Black Rock Shooter for this, because it was the included OVA disc with the original figma (ITEM #27603) which sparked my interest in subtitled/non-mainstream anime that never really sees the light of day on North American television broadcasts compared to the mainstream shounen battle style.

From there, I took on some recommendations such as Gantz and Soul Eater which gave me a good start as to what a cool anime could actually be like instead of the previous experiences I had with English dubbed Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z and such. After I had found other series on my own that would eventually turn this into a regular hobby toward the end of 2011.

Top 3 Favorite Figures:

- Suzumiya Haruhi Gothic Lolita Version (ITEM #275)

This figure had my attention before I had even started collecting in the first place, however pricing where I had first seen it was disheartening. The main attraction for me is the outfit of this one; it was very similar to one I had on a character in an MMO, which was easily my favorite. After I started watching anime and Haruhi became my favorite character, rediscovering this figure was an instant sell, especially when I found it during its first re-release.

- Haruhi, Nagato and Mikuru Trio by Kaiyodo search.php?vers... PICTURE #384761

This little set of 3 has some of the very few figures actually based directly off of Noizi Ito's original artwork. Despite how small they are, they're some of my most prized figures out of everything else I have due to them being a complete set, somewhat rare and just look really nice together in the protective dome I got for them. This set also has my favorite iteration of Mikuru out of any figure made.

- Ta Nyan (ITEM #26574)

This figure was one of the starting points for me; it was the very first scale figure I actually got. I'm a sucker for this style of outfit, and anything with a red/dark red look on top of that. Unwittingly, I bought this Queen's Blade figure and only learned of its questionable origin well after the fact, however, that hasn't changed my appreciation for it.

Top 3 Favorite Anime:

- Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu/The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (ENCYCLOPEDIA #7)

The series that kicked off my love of anime watching. While it was not my first series, it was the very first anime I had discovered by myself and tried out without any recommendations, suggestions or outside influence of any kind. It quickly became my top choice overall as I had marathon'd the entire 26 episodes in one day. This is basically the only series where I can enjoy both the English dub and original Japanese with subtitles equally.

- Gintama (ENCYCLOPEDIA #76)

A collection of laughs, memorable characters and fond memories of a show I was originally skeptical about starting due to it being so long at over 250 episodes. By the time I had reached episode 25 I was thoroughly hooked and this became one of my most loved shows. After finally finishing up every episode there isn't a shred of doubt that this one is near the top of my favorites, with me now wanting all of the scale figures I can get.

- Hidamari Sketch (ENCYCLOPEDIA #228)

I'm generally a big fan of slice-of-life anime, and have watched all sorts of them since I started. This series won me over after picking it back up long after watching only the first season. Hidamari Sketch was definitely the kind of series that just kept getting better and more enjoyable the more I watched and after developing a taste for Shaft's style of anime, this is the one I like best from them and overall in the genre. I'll just about never get bored of it and would welcome more and more if possible! (Other Shaft offerings like Koufuku Graffiti are right up my alley as well!)
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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!