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This hobby will wreck me
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Happy birthday!!!
Thank you!! ❤
pixiebear3年前#22190765My new one is @mckennachu. When my last account got taken, they changed the username and made it some kind of adult entertainment advertising account LOL. I'll find you in a few! Hope all is well with you and your endeavors!
Ah that's so mean! Why do people hack others >n< augh rude. But you as well! I hope life is treating you well!
pixiebear3年前#21944431Oi! Thank you for the birthday wishes! Do you still post on Insta? I had to make a new account a while back after my last one got hacked.
Oh no! You got hacked?! :C that's so sad! What's your new one? And yeah, I still post, I made a separate one for my figures, it's tinee.figures
Happy (late) birthday!! I hope you had a great day!!
Well Thank you Fellow Canadian! Hope you have a figuretastic day! pixiebear4年前#7273886Hey fellow Canadian! Just wanted to say you and Mia do a great job with your reviews! You're both adorable. ^w^
Hi,I just sent you a PM about buying the preorder of Harvest Moon Miku off you. Please let me know how you would like to go about it I can pay immediately over PayPal or however
pixiebear5年前#3577869Gosh I just love your Mio soooo much! *^* So happy to see her up on your profile page haha. ^^ I'm glad you found an ideal wig though! I looove everything in that shop. I'm probably going to order the hime-style in Biscuit along with the longer wig in Mocha (whenever it gets restocked. SIGH. It sold out not long after I linked you haha). Cappucino seems to only be a step darker or ashier than Biscuit, so I think it'll work out.
"Ten-Ten" sounds sooo cute! LMAO Ichigo was my least favorite girl from Tokyo Mew Mew. Something with her personality just got under my skin really quick upon going through the manga again. Minto/Mint (the blue bird) and Lettuce (the green one but seriously who names their kid Lettuce???) were my girls. ^^
Never be sorry for talking about yourself! ^w^

aw thank youuu :D the vision I had for her worked out really well (to be honest, better than I expected! ^^) though I feel slightly noobish for practically copying that one guy's Mio, though. I'm sure he'll never see my pics anyway. ^^;
augh! that sucks that your wig sold out *already*! I'm assuming they don't have much stock to begin with. Again, I thank you for finding the place! Very excited to receive the wig, I'll share pics and tell you about the quality and stuff :) I forget if I told you why I don't like Mio's current one... it's too long, down to her knees and it's super heavy so it's hard to pose her head (the DDdy neck joint isn't very tight to begin with, so sometimes her head falls back very creepily lol) and it's very sparse in the front, if you brush her hair the wrong way just a *little* bit, some of the wig cap shows and it's just bad. me no likey. waste of monay. lol ^^;
Ten-chaaan~ ♥ :P lol I actually loved Ichigo, I think because I liked pink and I had an affection to main characters, but I loved Zakuro for her mysterious purple charm~ Mint and Lettuce and Pudding were nobodies to me xD but i LOL'd at "who names their kid Lettuce" lolllll
pixiebear5年前#3540334That Makoto looks awesome! I've only seen a handful of episodes of Sailor Moon (just never got into it) and Makoto was my favorite girl! I wonder how much the Sailor uniform cost. :0
I never would have thought about using a hairdryer! I'll probably need that when the time comes to change her eyes. ATM I really like them! They have that "deer in the headlights" kinda thing about them. As for wigs, I'm having trouble deciding between a couple from Lullaby Poem. I'm going for light or dark brown since lighter wigs seem to look even better on SWS dolls.
Right now it's a toss-up between lullabypoem.wee... (in Mocha), lullabypoem.wee... (in Vanilla if I decide she can get away with that sort of blonde haha), lullabypoem.wee... (in ChocoTea), or lullabypoem.wee... (in Biscuit). I also really want this kitty costume coming out next month ameblo.jp/tt-01... .
I'm thinking of naming my gal "Tenshi" due to her soft expression and Angel Beats! ruined my feelings so badly when I saw it a few years ago LOL. I'll definately have a look through some Japanese names though~^^

Sailor Moon is great!! :) but I guess it's like one of those shows (like Angel Beats) where you really bond with it more if you grew up with it. I think it's safe to say that Sailor Moon was actually the first anime I had ever watched (okay, it's a toss up between Sailor Moon or DBZ... both I love dearly now)
btw - the hairdryer works great! it's a much dryer method than using boiling water, which also works great, mostly good for say, if the wig has braids and you don't want them, you can remove the braids and pour boiling water over the crimped looking hair to bring it back to straight, OR can curl it by wrapping it around, like.. a straw or something cylinder shaped. ^^ but the issue with the blowdryer is that it throws the hair everywhere, so I recommend throwing on some cling-wrap over the parts you don't want moving around :)
btw! OMG, thanks so much for sharing these wigs with me!!! I just bought one LOL, bought this one in Snow:
the one (that I spent sooo much money on lmao) that I got from Y!JA just isn't as nice as I had hoped. It's suuuuper long, and the fringe was supposed to be a "straight hime fringe" and I tried making it into a side-part, and it would kinda open a gap and you'll see the wig cap itself and it looks bad. I cut a part really short to kinda hide it, but one small gust of wind and it looks crappy again... annoys me lol, but these wigs are cut literally *exactly* how I would cut them so that makes me soooo happy!!!! and it's more of a natural length as well, whereas the one I have is almost down to her knees and ends up pulling her head back because of the weight of it lmao.
sorry, I got way too excited that you found a perfect wig for me and talked about myself too much ^^;
I LOVE the wig you chose that you're thinking of getting in Mocha (if you forgot which, it's this one): lullabypoem.wee...
Mocha is really pretty, but I think Cappucino would match her face better! I think a lightish ash-brown wig would look perfect on her :) but looking at Mocha now, it's very ashy as well, so i think both options are great :D
Tenshi is a cute name! shi-shi is her nickname xP or ten-ten! ahaha xP maybe name her Ichigo from those good ol' Tokyo Mew Mew days LOL or Zakuro ;) (wasn't that the tall wolf girl?) I actually remember so many of their names! And Pudding! the monkey one! I forgot the green and blue one though.
pixiebear5年前#3521908Pretty sure the headcap is soft since I can squish it a bit. I'm just too scared to use a ton of force. At one point, I tried to pry the cap off with my nail and it hurt too much lmao. Do I have to remove the cap to put wigs on? Dx
Australia's customs sound so much more reasonable UGH.

yeah, most likely. pretty sure you've got a new head on your hands.. Mio is about 6 years old now, so they didn't even have the soft cap invented. Mirai's got it, though. but Mirai has everything that's fast forward and future tech, because her name literally translates to "future" in english. (fun fact!)
also, you don't need to take the head cap off to put on wigs, that's where the wig sits, but you will need one of these to keep the wig on there! (plus you might have to DIY the wig a little bit like I did. I had about ... oh, i'm not good at measurements, but let's say like 5 cm extra space on Mio's wig, so i pinched it together and sewed it so it would be a closer fit to her head, then also gave her a wig cap to keep the wig on there: www.ebay.com/it...
but you will need to take the head cap off to get the eyeballz out! which will be easy for you as your eyeballz are in via sticky tac & you haz soft cap :) but lmao the same thing happened with me when i tried to take off the cap with my nail, i was panicking a little and didn't want to damage it so i heated it up with a blow dryer ><'
so intrigued to see your girl with a wig! her eyebrows are a lightish brown but i see her with a brunette wig... or light ash brown!! :P have you thought of names? I was trying to think of some cute japanese girl names that start with M, because you're Mckenna and idk, Makoto [like sailor jupiter! :P] and stuff is pretty cute! i actually go on google and type in "japanese baby girl/boy names" to find names LOL that's how i got Kiyo's name, well it was Kyo, but I added the i :P
also i found this suuuuper cool Sailor Jupiter custom dollfie once on IG! i'll try to find it and link you~
also in the second pic i just noticed Inuyasha's necklace as a bracelet by her feet! lol cute :P
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