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Hello, I'm Rufus and I love figures, much like you. My favourite types of figures are scales and figmas. I largely collect figures of my favourite character, but also occasionally figures of others that catch my eye or hit too many of my moe points to resist.

My best girls:

Koizumi Hanayo


Kaname Madoka


Super Sonico


My best boys:

Sawada Tsunayoshi


Apollo Justice/Odoroki Housuke


Licht von Grannzreich


Kunikida Doppo



Rating System

10 stars
Outstanding, exceeded all expectations, a standout piece.

9 stars
Met all expectations and a little bit more, wonderful figure. May have 1 or 2 minor flaws that do not detract from the figure.

8 stars
Nice figure. Some minor flaws that detract from the figure.

7 stars
Decent figure, but disappointing. Multiple flaws. Beware of manufacturing company.

6 stars
Complete disappointment. But a hair too good to be tossed into the bin.


Collection goals

  • Collect Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica 'mahou shoujo version' figmas
  • Complete my goddess shrine
  • Collect all Racing Miku figmas
  • Gather all volumes of Sougiya Riddle

If you want to request photos of anything I have, feel free! I know how frustrating it is to look something up only for there to not be enough photos of it for you to make a decision. I'll also happily give you my opinion on anything I own as well~ Honestly, I'd make reviews for every single figure and plushie I have if I weren't so lazy.

For now I mostly live in the UK, but I also have a home in Malaysia, so if you want to offer me something I'm interested in and would be more comfortable sending to one country or the other, let me know!

Feel free to pawn off any little things of my favourite characters on me (unless shipping from the US, sorry ;;)



Hi. Please clear yours inbox
Yavimaya (눈_눈)
hi! I wanted to send you a PM with a shipping invoice for your Bang Dream straps but your inbox is full!

I'm sorry for the delay! I'd like to send You an invoice for the BSD Kunikida clear file thread/15379 but Your inbox is full.

Thank You!
Hi, I just notice that your inbox was full and hence my PM months ago actually didn't go through orz I was supposed to inform you that I decided to get 3 Tsuna Nendoroids and hence will not be able to GO with you from GSC ;~; Sorry that this only reached you so late.
Hi Rufus, sorry to ask again. I can't send PM because your inbox is full, but I just wanna ask your address so that I can send your Heine charms. Or do you want me to hold it for some times? ...I hope everything's okay? ><
Hi, I'm trying to send you the invoice for Pastel*Palettes rubber straps (with Specterer) but your inbox is full. I've attached the details under the spoiler tag.

View spoilerHide spoilerHello, this is concerning the Bushiroad BanG Dream! Pastel*Palettes rubber straps.

Please confirm receipt of this PM by replying to me with your full address (like it would look on the front of an envelope addressed to you), even if you aren't making the payment yet.

Your slot(s) is as follows: Chisato, Hina and Maya(Specterer). Please send the corresponding amount stated (in SGD) under the method of shipment you would prefer. The stated amount consists of the components: Price of all 3 items + Shipping price to me from Japan + Shipping price to you.

Please do discuss with Specterer beforehand, and only send me 1 payment :)

(1) Normal Airmail: SGD$28.14 (without Paypal fees)
(2) Registered Airmail: SGD$30.64 (without Paypal fees) OR SGD$32.57 (with Paypal fees)

The payment is to be made to tachibanareina07@gmail.com via Paypal, and the deadline for payment would be on 19 July 2018, Thursday.

Kindly note that if you choose a shipping method without tracking (normal airmail), I will not be liable for any lost packages. I will also not be liable for any manhandling from post offices.

The item(s) would be bubble-wrapped and mailed in an envelope. The original box containing the item would not be included. Should you wish to include it, please let me know via a PM.

Thank you.
Hi, your inbox is full, and I've received the payment request for the split where you are confirmed for the Singapore/Dia part.
Hey, just wanted to say a lot of love and prayers to you and your brother, hope everything will be alright.
Hello!! I was wondering if I could have an update on the splits I'm in with you? I sent you a message but I'm not sure if you got it...

I hope everything is okay!
Hello! Your inbox is full so I couldn't send you a message. Let me know once you've cleared it, thanks!
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Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Love Live, Princess Tutu, Bungou Stray Dogs
Discworld, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Ouran High School Host Club, Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine, Sougiya Riddle
Ace Attorney, Pokemon, Professor Layton, Dragon Village M
Girls: pink hair, pink themes, medium bust, soft/bubbly voices, with beach toys, racing themes. Boys: side plait, stubble/beards, princes/kings, secretaries
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