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批評 • BigBadToyStore

  • Great place to purchase figures.

    Good reliable company for figures! Pre-orders I had made took awhile to get here. The packaging was secure as well. The customer service was fast to respond to any concerns.
  • Awesome

    I've shopped here several times in the past and I've had nothing but glowing reviews for this shop.
  • BBTS Review

    Probably my favorite US based retailer. The prices are reasonable for some items... However that doesn't mean others aren't overpriced. You find a lot of common products cheaper elsewhere.
  • Lexiy The WCF Aficionado
    Shady tactics

    They marked sold out many items until all of the sudden the market value of said items went boom. Then, all of the sudden, the items went back in stock but not at the $90 they first advertised but at $144!!! And they had close to 24 in stock.... if the item is sold out there and everywhere else, you just don't randomly grow 24 units conveniently when the item booms in price. smh.
  • Returning Customer

    They got a wide variety of fanbases to choose from but the actual amount of products to buy is disturbingly lacking. The prices are cheap compared to the majority of other online shops and the shipping amount from where I'm located at is the cheapest I've every come across! I get my package within 4 days.... I'd recommend you buy from here.
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