批評 • Yokatta

  • The waiting game

    They can and will do their best to get you anything. Ordered a single doujinshi, it arrived in a box so strong I relized why it cost double compared to Manda and their yellow bubblewrap-envelope.

    Downside is, communication and waiting times.
    I wrote them on Apr. 10th, and got my stuff on the 5th of June. (Although golden week was a two-week holiday for them.) While they are generally fast about replying to orders and confirming payments, the inbetween handling is a nightmare.
  • Not your friendly proxy service

    + They're fast in getting the item you want and will try their best to get that item for you

    +/- Decent to expensive prices

    - Customer service can be rude and impolite
    - Since payment can only be done by email, it take a while to process it and other factors can make it even slower
    - Limited payment options (they don't accept credit cards)

    Update: They now accept Paypal. They previously required money via bank transfers or by Western Union (horrible payment methods)
  • a gamble at best have to wait a long time

    they are good with running searches for you if you know the item u want and have a pic/maker info.. but they are very slow to respond to emails can be scary when ur bidding on somthing that ends in 4 days they some times dont get back to you in a week at a time.. i also belive the fees are decent but i know on the product they were able to negotiate lower price but still charged me full price <that would explaine why it took 2 weeks to here from them after bidding ended> but at least they are good at finding rare items and dealing with proxy blockers! make sure you have alot of time and money!

    I wanted to buy a Rikka Takanashi figure from Yakatta because they were the only ones doing pre-orders for a while. I ordered the item but found the same item for $40 cheaper from Nippon-Yasan. I contacted them and asked to cancel my order and refund my money; they said they would get right on it. Almost a month later and I still haven't gotten a refund and they aren't responding to my e-mails. So now I'm out $140.
  • Silverkite Touhoutastic!
    Excellent service

    I can just say thanks cause I managed to snatch Neris and the newer GSC Tenshi from them while in other places items were out of stock,or with over9000 prices like evilbay.

    It's my second purchase from them,it may take around 20 hours to ask for a stock,receive a reply and send the payment.I was just afraid about custom but for those two pricey items they placed a 2000 Yen value,package was well made and it landed safely on my hands
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