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  • Bought a gift for a friend, never received it

    Back in 2013 I bought a item from Toranoana and bought their services. Customer service was weirdly nice when I asked about not receiving.

    After everything, this is the only package that I've never received, and I order a lot of shit.
  • Scam, avoid at all costs

    Also ordered Akuma Homura through them. Paid them in full plus extra Paypal processing fee because I was stupid enough to pay them by PayPal. Never heard from them again even after sending them countless emails. Buyers beware.

    [edit] And now it seems their website is down. I guess this is the final nail in the coffin for them.

    TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND I PROBABLY GOT SCAMMED. Ordered Akuma Homura 9 months ago so I cant even open a paypal dispute!!! I let the item sit in their warehouse for 3 months like they promised but now they wont ship it to me.
  • Not your friendly proxy service

    + They're fast in getting the item you want and will try their best to get that item for you

    +/- Decent to expensive prices

    - Customer service can be rude and impolite
    - Since payment can only be done by email, it take a while to process it and other factors can make it even slower
    - Limited payment options (they don't accept credit cards)

    Update: They now accept Paypal. They previously required money via bank transfers or by Western Union (horrible payment methods)

    I wanted to buy a Rikka Takanashi figure from Yakatta because they were the only ones doing pre-orders for a while. I ordered the item but found the same item for $40 cheaper from Nippon-Yasan. I contacted them and asked to cancel my order and refund my money; they said they would get right on it. Almost a month later and I still haven't gotten a refund and they aren't responding to my e-mails. So now I'm out $140.
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