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    Yokatta scammed me, i suggest you avoid using their services. I already noticed paypal and they will take measures against future scams, but either ways i lost my money.
  • lesbian CEO of obsessive merch buying

    I emailed Yokatta over a week ago about an item I would like to purchase through them and they never answered me...A bit off putting and I probably won't go to them for proxying again.
  • a gamble at best have to wait a long time

    they are good with running searches for you if you know the item u want and have a pic/maker info.. but they are very slow to respond to emails can be scary when ur bidding on somthing that ends in 4 days they some times dont get back to you in a week at a time.. i also belive the fees are decent but i know on the product they were able to negotiate lower price but still charged me full price <that would explaine why it took 2 weeks to here from them after bidding ended> but at least they are good at finding rare items and dealing with proxy blockers! make sure you have alot of time and money!
  • unsatisfied customer service

    yokatta does their job as a proxy. however, my first (and last) experience with them was horrible. they took too much time to answer my emails, and were not polite when replying them back. i had choose another proxy because of their awful customer service, and i'm not sorry i did.
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