批評 • Yokatta

  • The waiting game

    They can and will do their best to get you anything. Ordered a single doujinshi, it arrived in a box so strong I relized why it cost double compared to Manda and their yellow bubblewrap-envelope.

    Downside is, communication and waiting times.
    I wrote them on Apr. 10th, and got my stuff on the 5th of June. (Although golden week was a two-week holiday for them.) While they are generally fast about replying to orders and confirming payments, the inbetween handling is a nightmare.
  • Silverkite Touhoutastic!
    Excellent service

    I can just say thanks cause I managed to snatch Neris and the newer GSC Tenshi from them while in other places items were out of stock,or with over9000 prices like evilbay.

    It's my second purchase from them,it may take around 20 hours to ask for a stock,receive a reply and send the payment.I was just afraid about custom but for those two pricey items they placed a 2000 Yen value,package was well made and it landed safely on my hands
  • Risayla ◔‸◔
    First proxy order.

    I ordered an exclusive from Yokatta since other proxies had closed their orders for it so I decided to give them a go. Their customer service is quick and I had no problems placing my first order with them, their site is easy to navigate as well. They were quick to inform me that my item was in stock and after I paid the shipping costs it was sent the next day. My item arrived in perfect condition though I thought they would have provided a little more padding for it but over all my first shopping experience with them was excellent, I'd definitely use them again.
  • Shashin Dakimakura Cover Collector
    A Decent Proxy for the Price

    I've used Yokatta a few times and have been fairly pleased with their service. They have the cheapest commission for web orders I've seen, though their auction commission is about average. Functionality and communication are the main downsides. They've always responded quickly to inquiries I had, but I much prefer the web based system other proxies use to show where your items are at all times; having to email Yokatta to find out the status of an item definitely isn't a perk. Did have one issue with an extra not being included. A duplicate order with SMJ (same exact items) included the extras.
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