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  • Yorokone - My german favourite

    Yorokonde is a good store with low item prices. It is one of the best in Germany. I really like Yorokonde and want to recommend the shop.
  • Great service

    The prices are fair (but one of the best in Germany) and the selection is great, you can even ask if they don't have it. The biggest point of this shop the service: great and fast communication. If is something on your mind, just ask, they will give you a good answer. Pre-order are no problems, don't need to pay beforehand or something like this. Only the Pre-order waiting time is longer (like 2 months) then japan shops like amiami but this is how it is here in Germany. A great shop every German figure collector should know.
  • TingelN MasterOtaku ♥
    Shop meines vertrauens

    Yoro ist mein absoluter lieblings Shop. Dieser Shop ist meine erste Haltestelle wenn ich eine Figur suche und kaufen will. Sehr Kundenfreundlich und ein sehr gutes Preisleistungsverhältniss.
  • Probably the best german online shop for Anime/Manga

    I love Yorokonde. When I didn't manage to preorder an item with a japanese shop I'll order at Yorokonde. In terms of prices, only one other german shop manages to be cheaper than them, so Yorokonde's prices are great. They ship very fast and communication is excellent. I also cancelled a few items in the past and they've always been ok with it. I strongly recommend them. :)
  • My personal Number One! Meine persönliche Nummer Eins!

    Ich kaufe schon seit langem fast ausschließlich in diesem Shop ein und kann ihn uneingeschränkt empfehlen. Neben den super Preisen ist der Inhaber Herr Engel super nett und freundlich.
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