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  • Would buy again from them!

    * prices are good
    * shipping is fast
    * packaging is good
    * reliable so far
    * items arrived savely

    * none so far
  • Good store also for european customers.

    First time buying from yorokonde.There is nothing to complain about, excellent service as well as customer support (although a bit slow, sometimes, to respond). Fast shipping and well packaged package,I absolutely recommend it, even for it may be cheaper for figures of a certain volume.Also shipping in Europe is very cheap (with DHL).If by chance you do not find the figure you are looking for ... do not hesitate to contact them.

    Edit:second order and second time fully satisfied
  • Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
    Best european shop

    Great customer service, inquiries about adding a figure to their site was np, fast reply and they added it. Cancellations ate ok too if you are on time or made a mistake..
    For ems only figures or big ones i tend to go to their site if i know bedorehand.

    For EU standards, fair prices

    Website is easy to use but i wish that without logging in i could add figures to the cart and see shipping or be able to combine.

    Releases 1-2 months average after jp release so thats a bummer

    Theres only 1 shipping option, dhl i think.
  • Good shop

    It's quite easy to order and you don't have to create an acount. There's a big choice and the prices (and the shipping) are not too high. The customer service is also quite good and reactive. I would definitely buy again.

    EDIT: I have asked a question regarding the availability of a figure (as recommended on the website) and specified that I didn't have any account. I have received an email saying "you will find the answer to your question on your account", well.
    I have thus ordered the figure on another website.
  • Recommended

    Really great shop. Ordered several times from them and never had any complains. Fast shipping and usually good prices for a shop in Germany/Europe. If you don't want the import hassle and live in Germany I recommend them. Only downside it takes 1-2 month for preorders to reach them.
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