ホームショップショップ #9批評

批評 • Anime Island

  • A+

    Best U.S. store I've bought from. Great prices, helpful payment options, fast shipping, and expected release dates are right on or even earlier.
  • They also have an Amazon Marketplace Shop!

    Great Store, if you are in the US be sure to check them out on Amazon! They also allow Amazon Prime making it super awesome.
  • Excelent

    Very helpful customer service. I love the payment options because is possible ask for any half-payment on pre-order items.
  • Awesome store!

    I received two items from Anime Island and it was a great experience. The items got here fast and very well protected! The online store itself is also good. They have a wide selection of items and their 20% down pre-order option is a life saver! Their customer service is good as well. 90% of the time they message you back and do so quickly.

    I am very pleased with my experience with Anime Island. I highly recommend them! ^_^
  • Good USA anime figurine source

    Good selection, usually great prices, very communicative. Been happy with every item received. My only complaint is finding specific items on the site. It takes effort and I don't always find it again quickly without massive site search.

    Also, when paying 80% remainder for items I have to add notes so I don't get confused what item has been paid 100% and what item hasn't. Wish AI would simulate Amiami regarding complied list of pre-orders outstanding.

    Overall, good enough outfit to re-order from. AI has served me well as a figurine vendor.
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