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  • Too slow shiopping service, bad support service

    I've been in the anime island for a few years, it's disappointing to see how with years his service has declined in quality, buyer support service is delayed in replying days and weeks away, the items arrive almost a month later than in other stores and even After that wait, another long wait is missing for the sending of the figure, I have an order paid a month ago and still not shipped, and his service is answered that the shipping department is on vacation and you have to wait.
  • anime-island review

    I've been ordering figures from anime-island for over a year now and have yet to have a bad experience. The pricing was always good. Shipping was free which is a big plus, and my figures always arrived quickly after they were released.

    The customer service people that I've talked to were always nice, professional and able to respond and solve any problem within a day or two.

    Also the website itself recently got an update and looks a lot nicer now.
  • Manual Verification

    I'm a little disappointed that I was NOT informed about this on an order. I had paid for it and it was sitting there for 2-3 weeks before I had to check the status. No explanation on what 'manual verification' was. No email. I had to contact customer support, who then explained that they had to manually verify my card details (this was my second purchase).

    I don't mind if you have to manually verify, but at least let me know? An email explaining the status of my order, and how to proceed would have been great. Instead I was stuck wondering why shipping was taking so long.
    Hello Veroxion, sorry you experienced an issue with the credit card payments. The system should have automatically emailed you at the same time you ordered from us that the status was not complete if the status of Payment Verification occurs. We will review the code for the emails and make sure it is still set to do so. Do note we do not have the ability to monitor all declined/incomplete order statuses due to the high volume nature of people attempting orders with stolen credit cards. Customers should ALWAYS make sure they didn't receive a verification email and that the order is complete.
  • Landsknecht Take my revolution ...
    Kind of weird to use but good prices and selection.

    I've ordered from them a couple times now. Good pricing and shipping options, but the site is ugly and clunky and their 20% deposit payment route is confusing and hard to use once the order is ready. Overall I'd recommend them but I wish they'd make their system easier to use.
  • Really pleased

    I received my omegamon Sh figurats and it was well packaged. Customer service is excellent. Prices are mrsp so no complaints. The only problem is the shipping options. If you live internationally, shipping would be expensive, but they now added a new shipping option that would be much cheaper. It has limit of size and weight so hopefully they will upgrade it. Pre-orders are handle well. They contacted me that it would be push at the end of March. I would highly recommend this site for international now since they have a new shipping option.
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