S.H. Figuarts ClubAnyone know if all the Kizuna Relation figures can connect?

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    I bought 3 of the Kizuna Relation figures. The ones I bought are Minato, Naruto, Kakashi

    ITEM #728316

    ITEM #728317

    ITEM #623836

    At first I had Minato and Naruto and there stands connected well and there were clearly supposed to go together. I bought kakashi later, and while all their stands can go together minato blocks of a decent amount of the kakashi figure. Looking at the other figures I don't think they all connect. It seems like Kakashi, Naruto, and Sasuke can connect and it seems like Naruto and minato can connect, but you can't have Minato, Naruto, Kakashi, and sasuke all to connect to each other.

    I've never tired to get a compete collection of figures so really new to this, so I could sound really dumb right now, but any guidance would be nice.
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