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    So I've recently decided to revamp my nendo collection or should say to actually start one, since so far the only one I've had was the Ultimate Madoka nendo that I got around the time it was first released so around 7 years ago? Since then she's been sitting on my shelf pretty much untouched ( I was scared to touch her in case she'd fall due to her balance issues). Not long ago however my old room's been renovated and she's been put away. I decided to display her again and wanted to pose her differently, unfortunetly she kinda started to fall apart, meaning her neck joint breaking, both pieces of her stand breaking, some parts not fitting together in the first place...and I was wondering, could it be because she's so old? Or was I particularly unlucky with her? Do nendoroids that come out nowadays have these sort of issues often? I'd like to get some new ones but I also wanna spare myself the stress of them breaking so easily.
    Sorry for the long post, I thought context was needed with this one :)
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    Hey, welcome back to the nendoroid community!

    One, don't order from wish or ebay. Usually bootlegs. The older ones are usually expensive or the ones no longer mass produced.

    Make sure if you buy the neck will have a smiley face after taking the face apart. (Or somewhere on the nendoroid joints I believe.)

    I hear Ami Ami is good for second hand if you cant afford the high price. (They have a store in Japan in Tokyo last I checked if you ever go to Japan.) Good Smile also sells them on the site too if you want new ones but order quick. There are other sites too depending on where you live.

    As far as falling apart, the majority of the new ones don't fall apart. I don't know which ones you have other than the Madoka one.

    I wish you luck in your journey.

    This thread should help you spotting legit nendoroids.

    BLOG #10522
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    A lot of newer Nendoroids come with a spare joint for replacement purposes. I’ve had an older nendo’s neck joint break when I was going to switch faces (It was one of the ones that has the joint attached to the face rather than to that other little piece.) There are some blogs on here about repairing figure parts, so I don’t lose hope just because your Madoka broke! Here’s one about fixing a figma joint, but the technique should be applicable to a Nendoroid as well. BLOG #30007
    Edit: Almost forgot, you can probably purchase spare joints and stands from chibi chop shop chibichopshop.c... .
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    My Ultimate Madoka is still MISB so can't advise if you're being unlucky with that particular unit, or a particular batch(es) of her is actually affected.

    However, I have never had any nendoroid parts, new and old, falling apart to that extent just by touching or moving. I only broke a couple of neck joints due to extremely rough mishandling when the peg was lodged inside the hole.
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    As someone whose collection is over 50% nendoroids, I got your back! :D

    My oldest nendoroid is ITEM #75488, from 2011. She is still very much fine even when I got her secondhand from another user on here, so I can't say that your nendo fell apart due to age, but maybe because her parts are so heavy it was natural for her to deteriorate faster than Homura here, for example. Especially if you have her posed where she's hanging off the stand as if she's coming down from heaven to grace us mortals with her presence. In general, you should always try to repose or at least move and "stretch" your nendos around every once in a while, because some parts (from my experience at least) can get brittle when you don't move them around much. I kept my Gakupo nendoroid posed in the same way since 2014 and when I took him apart last year, his ponytail (which I never repositioned before) broke off. So it's really important to move and repose them every once in a while even if sometimes it's a bit of a pain. XD;

    Although I will say that joints breaking are common for older nendoroids (released I'd say before 2016). My Homura also came with a broken neck joint, and like I mentioned, Gakupo also broke his ponytail joint. But other than those two, I've never had issues even with my other older nendoroids and especially not my newer nendoroids.

    Here's an official GSC blog about how to take out broken neck joints from inside the head. You can probably buy spare joints somewhere (make sure it has the smiley logo!), like from Chibi Chop Shop maybe, or another user on here - but honestly any nendoroid you buy these days always comes with an extra neck joint, so you can use your next nendoroid's spare neck joint for her. As for broken stands, again, you can purchase stands separately, especially from splits and such.

    But in general, you shouldn't worry about your nendoroids falling apart at all! I think Ultimate Madoka is an exceptional case just because she's a hefty nendoroid, but other nendoroids shouldn't have this problem.

    Also, if you buy older nendoroids (pre-2016) from AmiAmi preowned and they're listed as unopened, you'll probably experience sticky figures with a harsh plastic smell. This is normal, so don't be scared! You can clean the figures with instructions from this other official GSC blog.

    Hopefully that helped, and let me know if you have any more questions! :D
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    Thanks everyone for the useful info, u guys restored my hope in nendoroids :D
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