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    1年前 • 更新 1年前
    Well, if anyone decides to join and happens to wander into the forums, post an intro in this thread!

    I suggest including when you first watched Gura, what is(are) your favorite stream(s) of hers and then anything else you want to include.

    I'll start:

    I watched Gura first at her debut stream. The infamous "a" was just as glorious as you could imagine. I was pretty excited for Hololive En as I used to watch clips of the Japanese Hololive girls with english subs (like Miko, Korone, Pekora and Pikamee... I know she isn't Hololive but whatever) but really was excited about full English streams.

    My favorite streams have recently become her Super Metroid streams. Mainly because I love those games and I love watching Gura learn the game and progressing through it much better than I did when I was a kid lol

    I also watch Amelia as well. I still watch Pikamee because she often blends English with her Japanese and I continue to watch Japanese Hololive girls English subtitle clips.
  • Camstir95
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    Hello! nice to meet everyone!

    So one day my friend at work told me I just had to check out these Vtubers (I had never heard of the term before then) from the company Hololive because they just debuted their English girl and let me tell you I haven't looked back! I picked Gura because I thought she was the cutest of the girls and she is by far my fav followed closely and Amelia and then Ina.

    My favorite steams are her Minecraft streams. I juts like that they always have a chill vibe, so their nice to fall asleep too some nights, followed by her horror game streams. I'm way too much of a sissy to play them myself so its nice to watch such a wholesome creator play them!
  • IshikuNanami
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    Yo I joined a few days ago, but I saw this, so why not! You may call me whatever you like, idrc!

    Anyways, I first started watching Gura around halfway through her Minecraft streams. I was on YouTube, saw it, and decided why not? Now, I'm a happy shrimp who love any horror stream she does! My favorites have been Outlast and Amnesia!
  • EclipseRifle
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    Thanks for joining guys! Great to hear your stories. I will be updating some photos on the main page as I had to remove them due to copyright complaints.
  • Weboshidori
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    When I found about about HoloEN coming out, I was so overjoyed that English VTubers were about to premiere. I didn't know then about any other English one at the time. I looked at the 5 and thought

    "Okay I'm not going to have time to follow all 5 directly. I'm just going to pick one, and the others I'll try to watch them too." and I picked Gura, because of her "a" Tweet.

    I watched her premiere and was hooked instantly. I especially love her cooking streams, and the one where she plays Mario Kart with her artist. Her singing streams too are so great. I don't play video games but I try to watch her gaming ones when possible too. I still hope to watch her bathtub pizza thing. I preordered her birthday shirt and it's a big motivator for me to lose weight. Actually she's the only VTuber I'm a member for.

    My dad greatly likes watching Gura too. We both find her incredibly funny and cute and it's so great to see her get so many subscribers in so little time.
  • EclipseRifle
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    That's very cool that your dad watches Gura too!
  • Selakiir
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    Hello, Began watching Gura back during her debut.
    I would have to say my favorite streams are the Members watchalongs, as well as the Members Karaokes
  • EclipseRifle
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    Selakiir3ヶ月前#108890953Hello, Began watching Gura back during her debut.
    I would have to say my favorite streams are the Members watchalongs, as well as the Members Karaokes

    Cool stuff, I love the watchalongs as well.
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