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Portrait of PiratesWhat POP would you like to see made?


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    I'm sure other people think about them just as much as I do and I'm interested in what other people would like to see next. For me I'd be interested in any of the following. I feel like there's not enough variety anymore; most of the new ones coming out are remakes or new models of the same character (Lucci, Vivi, Crocodile, Doflamingo, Shanks, Aokiji and then all the Film Z stuff). Don't get me wrong they still look amazing and I'm getting a few of them too but I would just like some different characters because there are so many unique ones.

    EDIT 4/10/14
    Caesar Clown
    Scratchman Apoo (This one is my favorite supernova)
    Basil Hawkins
    Madam Shyarly(Shirahoshi is not the only pretty mermaid)
    Caimie possibly depends on the pose
    Timeskip Tashigi which I can feel imminent and the only reason I haven't bought the first one.
    Salome addition for Hancock
    Buggy (Travesty that he doesn't have one yet)
    Alvida (Surprising cause she's quite hot with the sube sube no mi)
    Saldeath (This one is easy considering he is about the size of chopper but I also think timeskip is also very cool)
    Ivankov as a girl though as a man would be better than nothing.
    Whitey Bay (Am I the only one who thinks she's insanely hot despite her short appearance?)
    Sentoumaru (Personally I think he's really cool)
    Mr.1 Daz Bones
    Miss Valentine
    Head Jailer Domino
    SA Jimbei
    Baby 5
    Film Z Ain
    Lily Enstomach (Filler from Z's ambitions but I like the character)
    Vice Admiral Momonga
    Vice Admiral Bastille
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