Baccano!Light Novel Volume 1 (English translation) Discussion!

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    This topic will have spoilers for the first volume of the Baccano! Light Novel

    I'm expecting this topic to be quite dead as most other topics in clubs on here, but I'm trying anyway! xD

    I was wondering if people already read the English translation of the first volume? And what are everyone's thoughts on it?

    I really enjoyed it a lot. There was a lot of shifting in the characters that got followed, but it never confused me. I also really liked how Firo and Ennis already got so close to each other and Miria and Isaac's dialogues were hilarious, as expected. I also liked how I already learned a lot more about the background of characters than the anime tells you. The way the story was being told by Firo in the present time was also a nice and I hope we see the Japanese tourist caught up in everything in future volumes. :)

    The thing I was a bit disappointed about, or well, not really disappointed, but more surprised, is how the book is very open from the beginning about how the elixer of life came to be with the ritual on the boat. Also the end of the book has openings for a volume 2, but the story could also be closed. I expected the ending to be more open considering how much more characters will come into it.

    Nevertheless I'm really looking forward to the second volume getting translated! :) I also really liked how the English version was hardcover with multiple pages with full-color artwork. I hope they can keep that up with all volumes!
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