MFCNeed tips and advice with first cast figure

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    8ヶ月前 • 更新 8ヶ月前
    Hello MFC,
    (Sorry if this has been answered before)Recently I found a cast of ITEM#84342 and I had someone questions about applying resin onto a figure and any said tools required for making making figures from a cast, so I compiled a set of questions that I had for this topic.

    Is it difficult to paint the figure?
    Is it better to use an air brush?
    Is there any additional tools required for this sort of thing?
    Would it be cheaper to hire someone else to do it, or overtime will that become less and less cost effective?

    Any good videos, tutorials, or just general help is greatly appreciated and thank you for taking your time to read this!

    EDIT: Never mind I found another post going over the basics
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