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    Please post your commission requests in this thread for Garage Kits only.

    Please try to be specific as possible, what you would like to be done, and how much you are willing to pay.
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    NOTICE: I will be away on a job assignment between 10/27 and 1/23 without any internet access.

    I recently bought a 1/8th scale Alicia Melchiott Charagumin by Volks ITEM #117662, and am interested in hiring a skilled artist to paint and assemble it for me.

    This kit already has basic colors applied to the parts. However, it lacks fine details on most of the components. It comes in 92 pieces and stands ~20cm tall when put together.

    Here are some links showing how a finished piece ought to look, along with a color guide on the paints used and photos of the parts.






    Volks recommends using Vallejo paints, which I've listed below.

    Game Color 1 Dead White
    Game Color 4 Elf Skintone
    Game Color 10 Bloody Red
    Game Color 39 Plague Brown
    Game Color 49 Stonewall Grey
    Game Color 51 Chaos Black

    Model Color 1 White
    Model Color 55 Ultramarine Blue
    Model Color 126 Gold Brown
    Model Color 127 Ochre Brown
    Model Color 130 Amaranth Red
    Model Color 151 White Grey

    I'm willing to pay up to $250 USD on this.
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