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    Artists united, please feel free to post your offers to paint, assemble or otherwise finish Garage Kits only.
    http://myfigurecollection.net/pics/b/mfc180x80.png . https://en.facebookbrand.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/FB-fLogo-Blue-broadcast-2.png . https://cdn.cms-twdigitalassets.com/content/brand-twitter/en/jcr:content/par/c01_column_1596992668/col2/b04_asset_download_m.img.500.medium.1469476604231.jpg .
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    leonasgks.wordp..." title="leonasgks.wordp..." class="external-link">http://i30.servimg.com/u/f30/17/20/81/45/banner10.jpg
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    garekiphoenix.com for commissioning info
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    My life took quite a u-turn this week and with all the turmoil I now have a chance to try and make my dream come true. That is, to make a living painting garage kits.

    So, if you have a dream of this one special garage kit that never made it to mass-produced PVC, I can make it happen.

    My most recent works are all posted here.

    Rei in particular scored the third place in an international garage kit contest this year.

    I don't want to make this picture heavy so also links to my articles:
    BLOG #40408
    BLOG #38859
    BLOG #39482
    BLOG #39673
    BLOG #37924

    My main expertise are girl figures, busts and also robot girl plastic models like Frame Arms Girl and Megami Device. Boy figures are 50/50, some stuff I just cannot do, sorry. Perfect scale is 1/8-1/7 but I can go as big as 1/3 or 1/4 and as small as 1/12 or 1/16 :3

    I work with professional paints and instruments and provide high-level service and workflow. Thus, my price is expensive.

    If you have a dream garage kit, contact me with kit details and your references for commission details and maybe I'll be the one to make your dream come true :3
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