• ffenris2年前#27465644"Support GNU/Otokonoko" -- never imagined I'd see that sentence, but I can get behind that ;)
    I got around to adding ITEM #635832 -- if you know the size/material, can you update that info and undraft it?

    Haha, thanks for mentioning it.

    Regarding the current entry, according to this twitter comment (nsfw) by nemunemu, the size would be B2, fabric W Suede. I will update the entry accordingly then.
    On a different note, this is a tapestry I am still looking out for...
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    Hello :) How are you doing?

    I was wondering if you found the time to look at this item?
    ITEM #530452

    Like, the date of the previous release? A comment of mine is on that listing as well ^^
    Thank you!
    Marco-Kun Sonico lover
    Hey, how are you? :) How is your internet doing? hahaffenris3年前#20004329Hey, I'm stuck without broadband right now (hopefully get it fixed by the weekend :P) I'll try and dig something up once that happens - it's kinda painful browsing on my phone.
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    Don't worry, take your time! Sucks that you are stuck with shitty internet.
    I have been updating some items, but some have been deleted already. So ignore the links below and check this comment in the Database Managers club:

    Thank you! :)

    ffenris3年前#20004329Hey, I'm stuck without broadband right now (hopefully get it fixed by the weekend :P) I'll try and dig something up once that happens - it's kinda painful browsing on my phone.
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    I keep bugging you! Sorry haha

    Sooo I have been adding a lot of goods, like these, and all their bundled items.
    ITEM #568089
    ITEM #568182
    ITEM #568162

    Now, I heard that adding Doujin goods aren't allowed, unless they have a link to an official website, to show that they were sold after an event like Comiket. So my question, would you know where these items were sold? I cannot really find anything.. Seems like they weren't sold anywhere and have to be deleted from MFC then.
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    I have another question. Somehow I got back to another item from you haha.
    ITEM #482077

    Sometimes I find items like this that do not have the artist listed.
    I guess in your case you just forgot, because with this one you did add it: ITEM #485795

    Sometimes I just want to look for all the things on MFC from one artist, but a lot of times the artist isn't listed and then I find item like this because I knew of the game. So is the artist supposed to be listed? Makes searching easier! :)
    Marco-Kun Sonico lover
    Thanks for the link!
    I didn't see your previous comment, so don't worry ^^
    I haven't found the release date of the first one....
    ffenris3年前#19921333I got the prices from Getchu (www.getchu.com/... etc). I'll try and track down the previous release date as well.
    Edit: Ignore my earlier comment about the tricot variant/price, in case you saw it. Browsing on my phone, got mixed up with the variants.
    Marco-Kun Sonico lover
    I have a question about this dakimakura cover that you added, together with the variants.
    ITEM #530493

    Those 3 have release dates of 2015 and 2017 even. Didn't know it had a re-release.
    Either way, I also have this dakimakura, with the oppai pads, and I got mine around September 2012. Not sure how long it was out already at that point.

    I guess I can put this one on my "Owned" list, as it has the pads and it's also 2-Way tricot.
    Not sure if you can add another release date, if you can figure out what it was. I can't find it as of yet.
    ITEM #530452

    Where did you get the prices from? The place where mine originally came from, linked from Tateha's official site, doesn't exist anymore. marvelousgrace....

    ffenris3年前#15323680Nope, via Chara@ email order charatweb.com/o.... I don't think they ship internationally, so you'll probably need a proxy.

    thanks but no luck, keeps timing out. maybe there is too many people heading there
    ffenris3年前#15323124Hey, I saw that you've wishlisted a bunch of the Bishop Chara@ exclusive covers -- thought I'd let you know that 11 of them have got a re-release going till the 23rd, go get 'em if you feel like it!

    Where at? IB-LAND?
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