• Kitty2two7年前#1694945Ahh, nice meeting you c: I hope business shall be smooth~

    It will be! I am super happy to be here! I am here to but figurines anyway!:) even if it does take me years!
    It's great running past your profile! I received a link from another seller about your CC figure,as well.Seems like you'd be a pleasure to do business with, without any trouble! Thanks for that!
    hello it's a pleasure to meet you!

    It was the same for me, my 1st nendoroid turn out to be a fake Yagami Light (Death Note)! And hey if you need any assistance in spotting bootlegs, let me know! I sell mainly authentic legit ones ^^
    takenyaka Lunar Kaworu
    I recommend you to avoid squall.
    Sorry for interruption, but this guy looks really suspicious. I'm a seller too and it's wrong on all possible levels to act like that with a potential buyer =_= Smells like scam.

    Good luck in finding a Holo in another place ^_^
    Kitty2two7年前#1654640I mean pictures of what you have, I know what the figure looks like but I rather not be scammed. I'm sorry but you are a stranger to me. If you can not prove pictures of the figure or of it's condition, I will not buy it.
    you too stranger for all us
    Kitty2two7年前#1652664May I have a few pictures and information about her? Also pricing?
    ITEM #11543
    Kitty2two7年前#1650301Are you still selling the petit Holo?
    now only with apple from magazine
    Oyamatsumi 大山積命
    Ohayou !
    Welcome to you on MFC :3
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