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  • Happy B-Day! <3
    WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
    Hey, happy birthday! You're another year better :)b
    Happy happy Birthday!!!
    Leosach3年前#16709995YAAAAAAAAAAAAAS OMG I scream so much after every single episode... on the one that they kissed I had all my non existent ovaries in true explosion... I almost fainted ahahahahahah Took a LOT to sleep and who said I could do that? I fangirled with friends for tons of time... geez... AND NOW THEY ARE WEARING RINGS???? IM like Phichit kun fangirling hahhahahahahaha God lol

    IKR!! I wish this anime will never end. Every episode is a fangirl moment. XD

    Edit: Ooh!! I forgot about Yurio. He is such a pissy little princess. I adore him so, so much!!
    Hi Leo!! Missing you. <3

    Quick one - tell me you have been watching & loving Yuri!!! On Ice.
    Leosach4年前#13415255That was a wonfest i swear I need to put all my streght to be calm... so MUCH stuff... Free Figures! so much... i even felt desperate sometimes hahahahahh BUT BUT BUT Im still strong made the complete crazy and blind kind of guy, and pretended that several stuff didnt exist....
    Left this whole wonfest proud and for next year based on wonfest Ill have only 2 scales (Alter Eli from Love Live, Alter Reiji from Utapri) and 4 nendos (Mami Maiko, Iwaizumi, and the two KoF Nendos)
    from the Maybe list with several possibilities comes Megurine Luka by MF, Albedo from Overlord by GSC and Meiko Hanaigoromo by Aniplex
    Main goal this second semester is to ged rid of some debts "be clean" and for next year my main priority is to build my home! need my own house lol so figures next year will be totally on second plan....... dream with my otaku secret room and a much better display for my figs right now i have stuff on box, dont have space anymore for anything thats why also I dont wanna even buy LOL
    BTW when your city is the city of the Olimpic games... Geez that sucks... Swear I never wanted to leave Rio as I want now hahahahah

    I'll answer the easy question first. Singapore is way too small to host the Olympics but they're bidding for 2028. Long way to go. LOL!

    This WF will be the death of my wallet.

    1. The top must buy has to be Koto's Lelouch - ITEM #464675
    2. Another must buy is Nendo Erwin Smith. *dies*
    3. Then there's TKRB's Jiji Awakened Version - ITEM #464625
    4. I also need Altair's Haruka & Makoto - ITEM #464652
    5. Hopefully Aniplex's Allen Walker and Kanda Yuu look good. (Just realised they are not part of WF but who cares?)
    6. I'm also considering TKRB's Monoyoshi Sadamune - ITEM #396867
    7. Haikyuu's Nendos are another must buy
    8. So are the TKRB nendos. Only because I have been buying them so I might as well continue. I have zero idea on where to display them though.

    EDIT: OMG!! How can I forget these two??
    Koto's Natsume Takashi - ITEM #455587
    Koto's Genjo Sanzo - ITEM #455250
    However I am very critical of Sanzo. He is my all time fave character so he has to look perfect. Otherwise I will not be buying him.

    I'm so proud of you for staying so focused. Hopefully you remain strong when the coloured prototypes are revealed. Ha Ha Ha
    Hi Leo! Share your thots on the recent WF?
    Hello! (≧▽≦)/
    So much time has passed. Already the summer came, just like a month ago. The heat was incredible, but last week it rained. My life is getting better)) Currently I do not work, in the search. Plans for the fall great deal, but I will not speak while, so as not to jinx it. (・ω<)☆
    How are you? What's new in your life? I missed... (//ω//)


    Currently rarely I watch anime, read larger manga. And the books, respectively)) From collectibles is not has left, but the figures are no longer going. I sold them all (stayed two poor figures). *sob-sob* I'm back to the former course by who begins. This printed matter (artbooks, manga, novels). In my profile collection is hidden, but soon opened it.
    On this I finish, but not bid farewell. ヽ(∀゜ )人( ゜∀)ノ
    Write, I will wait =)


    Kiss ~
    Hello Leo!:3
    I'm doing alright I guess. But it could be better. I don't want to talk about it in public but it is nothing to worry about.^^ I hope you are doing better? Did you pre-order some of your Wonfest wishes? And were you lucky in Idolish and got some nice cards?:)
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