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  • Leosach4年前#8914225you went on vacation came back and didnt say anything! LOL Cmon send me news! tell me about it ^^

    Hi Leo

    Sorry for the super late response. Work has been absolutely crazy AND annoying since I came back from vacation.

    As usual, Japan was a dream. I had so much fun even though it's my 5th time there. There is alway something new to explore.

    I went from Tokyo (6 nights) to Osaka (5 nights) to Hiroshima (1 night) and back to Tokyo (4 nights). On hindsight, I should have spent an extra night or two in Hiroshima and lesser nights in Osaka.

    This was my second visit to Osaka. I found it "not-so-interesting" the first time in 2013 and I still find it "not-so-interesting" the second time. Sigh.....

    The only thing I really, really adore about Osaka is the "hi-end" Pocky, Baton D'or, www.glico.co.jp.... You can only get it in Osaka. I realised that in spring, they offer mostly the coated ones. In summer/early autumn, you can find the sugar coated ones which I love. I suspect it's because the coated ones will melt in hot weather but that's my own logic. If you are ever in Osaka, try them. It's sooooo good.

    I dropped by Kyoto for a day trip to complete my "anime pilgrimage". I had to visit Fushimi Inari (cos I forgot about it in 2013) and Kyoto Animation. They have shitloads of Free! stuff but not what I wanted - mostly acrylic straps, clear files, posters.

    Below are some collages of the places I went:



    MIYAJIMA near Hiroshima

    IWAKUNI near Hiroshima

    CHIBA outside Tokyo (I went for a train-ride...)

    Sakura in general....

    Figures wise, I didn't get much. I was on a hunt for Taito Kuji Honpo Free! figures and I managed to get 2 sets. One set I got it straight off Amazon Japan and another set, I got half of it from a shop in Den Den town and remaining half from Amazon Japan. They are:

    Free! Eternal Summer Flower Afternoon

    Free! Eternal Summer Marine Morning

    And this Nagisa - because when I bought it in Tokyo last year, I thought Momotarou was Nagisa and ended up with 2 Momotarou but no Nagisa. Grrrrrr

    I have yet to unpack them - they are still in their bubble wrap in my duffle bag. Sigh......

    I also went nuts in the Uniqlo at Ginza (12 stories!!) and spent about SGD650 there. I also bought loads of skincare even though I only have one face - damage was about SGD1000. Sometimes I don't understand myself.

    That's basically it about my trip. Going through withdrawal now. I need to start planning my next trip soon. LOL!!
    Hello, dear! \(⌒▽⌒)
    Sorry I was gone... The last time I was less and less appear here...

    Thank you so much for such a lovely congratulations! (^▽^)
    And you, albeit belatedly, I want to congratulate the coming New Year, passed Christmas and 23 February! May this year bring you much happiness, good, financial prosperity, health, and of everything for the best of the best.

    p.s.: I missed... ( ◡‿◡ *)
    p.s.2: I answer your posts a little later... I'm sorry for my such a small request. ))

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    ahahhahahahahahahah im a Disciple of Scarlet O'Hara! Drama queen completely! LOL
    Yeees! im fine just working and doing everything I can to be and forcing myself to be positive and happy LOL, have several plans im working on and so far this year has been really great!! ♥ since november I failed in exercising hahahhaha but march here we go! when I get really fit Ill send you photos! hahahah
    well Anime I'm watching (we were lazy on this one right?)
    - Daiya no Ace (Do you think they will go till arc 2? :O Omg... Daiya will be the One piece of sports anime..)
    - Haikyuu
    New ones:
    - Prince of Stride: Sincerely... its kind meh... all that talking about connecting with others making a high five... ¬¬, its nice but at the same time it feels kind boring... its missing something I guess which I cannot say what it is
    - Hai to Gensou no Grimgar - YES IM WATCHING IT!!! so beautiful, love the animation and story guess I have a weak on fantasy world etc.. and I love the chara... well more drama? noooooooo My heart cant handle... I really suffered to when Manato died... T_T
    - Norn9+Nornette - Ok Im watching this because I watch Otomes... but I found it so ...boring... just watched 1 episode and downloaded all others lets see how it goes... or sincerely ill drop it.
    - Nijiiro Days - CUTTEST ANIME EVER ahhahaahha its short, funny, easy to watch and I always get a smile when I see it, really cute and innocent ♥ and mr 50 shades of grey there LOL (needed top hold myseld or else I wld be buying merch lol)
    - Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu - Heard/read several excelents reviews of this anime but so far didnt get the chance to watch it although I already downloaded all episodes
    - Boku Dake - same as Shouwa in fact a close friend of mine EVERYDAY tells me to watch and now you LOL
    - Aijin - Arent you watching it? well you should I love the CGI animation style and story so far has been intriguing me.
    - Sekkou Boys - Stupid anime ever... but anyway what I was expecting of a anime based on statues ther are Idols? just watch because each episode has like 8 min LOL
    I guess its over? LOL
    Ohhhh Send me pics of your trip (although we have plenty of time till there) are you going with your baby? ^^ (he is 18 but is your baby anyway)

    Ooh. I totally forgot about Aijin & Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu!

    Aijin is soooo good. I couldn't wait for episode 6 and ended up reading the manga. I'm done up to the latest translated chapter and is now waiting. Grrrrrrrrr!!

    There is something about Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu that got me hooked. I'm pretty sure it's the lead character. LOL! I love it so much despite the lack of action or drama.

    Instead of watching Sekkou Boys. which I refused to even glimpse at, you should watch Kono Danshi, Mahou ga Oshigoto desu. It's about 13 mins per episode but it's so pretty. Colours are so vivid. If you had enjoyed the other Kono Danshi series, you will love this. Yay to gay love!!

    I'm watching Prince of Stride & Norn9+Nornette but I didn't think it was worth mentioning. :P

    IKR? When Manato of Hai to Gensou no Grimgar died, it really depressed me. Seriously, it was for a few days. I was hoping that it'd be like Log Horizon where he will be revived or I was hoping that Manato will be sent back to the real world. But I now know that's not how Hai to Gensou no Grimgar works. I'm pissed that it's never explained how they ended up there. There are hints like it's sort of like a place they went to after death?? I wonder if this was explained in the LN. I've d/loaded but have yet to read them. Just a heads up. Another sad scene is to be expected though I'm not sure when.

    Yes! Show me your hot bod, boy! *grins*
    Leosach4年前#6826292can you please send me news? Dont leave me LOL!

    LOL! You're so dramatic and I love it.

    Life has been about work, work, work.
    If I'm not working, I'm watching my anime, reading my fanfic and trying to squeeze more time to plan my itinerary to Japan. I will be going to Japan for my annual holiday from 24 Mar - 9 Apr. Wish it was longer though.
    And I don't even have time to clean my display cabinets. I think I see cobwebs growing on my Taibani shrine. Sigh....

    Watched any new anime recently?
    I have a few must watch -

    Boku Dake ga Inai Machi - This one is really good. The artwork is superb and the storyline is awesome. However I spoiled it myself cos I couln't wait for the next episode and googled for info. *kicks self*

    Gate Season 2 - More drama compared to Season 1. I actually prefer Season 1 cos it was relatively stress free to watch but what the heck. Rory Mercury is such a flirt and I enjoy every minute of her.

    Bubuki Buranki - I just love the art. It's more CGI, IMO but yeah. Storyline is a bit slow but I'm still watching.
    Dimension W - This one is pretty cool too but I'm kinda confused with the story. It's slowly unfolding but as at episode 7, I go - "Just watch and see what happens."

    Hai to Gensou no Grimgar - This one has the most beautiful animation. It's kind of like SAO but is not. SAO - we know that the players are trapped in the virtual world. For Hai to Gensou, the viewer does not know for sure. The characters (can you even call them players) just appear in this fantasy world. It's pretty slow paced but the artwork is worth the wait. Maybe the light novel readers get it better.
    There are gonna be some pretty sad moments based on what I've searched online (kicks self again). One has already appeared in the anime and it got me depressed for days. Dun ask me why. I think it's the pace and feel of the anime that got me so emotionally involved.

    There are others but I just watch them at random so I won't mention them here.

    What about you? What have you been up to?
    Okay thank you very much for your help.Leosach4年前#6831489Oh in HLJ but Right now they are without stock! hlj.com/scripts... keep an eye in it soon it may be back!
    I'm just wondering where you ordered this item? ITEM #373298.
    I really like your collection too!
    Leosach4年前#6685070Really like your photos! ^^ nice collection as well o/
    Hey thanks!
    Brasileiro na California!
    Prazer ^_^ Leosach4年前#6661227Brasileiro?
    I think I'm pretty safe this year. XD There is not much I want from the new announcements (or I forgot some of them right now).

    But I really looking forward for all this things:

    - Hanayo from Alter: ITEM #317825 (But I hope they fix her head...I love this card...I don't want to skip her because of the head)
    - Ookurikara: ITEM #397003 (Depends on the price)
    - Leonard Watch: ITEM #330929 (Instant PO for me:3)
    - Orihara Izaya: ITEM #364200 (I hope they announce Shizuo to go with him.)
    - Shadow Wing: ITEM #78623
    - Nishikino Maki: ITEM #317824
    - Nana Astar Deviluke: ITEM #331480
    - Chuunyuu! Sakurako-san (nsfw): ITEM #144562

    I also watching this things but I don't know if I will get them:

    - Miyazono Kaori: ITEM #331776
    - Kinomoto Sakura: ITEM #396841
    - Touka Kureha: ITEM #61454
    - Katou Megumi: ITEM #331541
    - Edna: ITEM #331483
    - Livie Colette: ITEM #287854
    - Tsukki Nendo: ITEM #391982 (Depends on the accessory)

    As you can see not much from this Wonfes. There are a few more items I'm watching but we will see how they will turn out. And If I want spend money on them.:D
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