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    MobiusX3年前#26273852It's about time I get active on MFC again, haha. How have you been man? It's been too long :)

    My Beauty Boy! How you doing? Im fine! always around and keep collecting lol although not in the same level as years ago! LOL
    MobiusX3年前#26273662Hey thanks for accepting! I'm looking out for all the Tales fans I can on MFC :)
    I've been asking around with little luck but do you play Tales of the Rays (JP or EN)? Mobile games seem to be putting people off :L
    I play Tales of the Rays in Japanese (since I'm located in Japan), Tales of Asteria, and Tales of Link in Japanese. I'm the most hardcore with Asteria of the three. I don't have very good luck with Link's gacha.
    Thanks for the Friend Request -- loving all of the Guys here!
    MobiusX3年前#25073113By any chance did you pick up Tales of the Rays on mobile? Currently there's a Xillia event to recruit Milla and Elize :o

    Unfortunately I'm not too fond of mobile games :C I have people ask me all the time about Fate/Grand Order, Tales of the Rays, etc. I'm a console lover to the end. However, Tales of the Rays seems very tempting! Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts, though!
    MobiusX3年前#21904085I vaguely recall a user with a spinning Xillia symbol as a profile picture so I decided to check your profile out. I'm guessing Xillia's your favourite? :)

    Yes, Xillia was indeed my favorite! TOX2 was pretty good, too. Elize is definitely my favorite character.

    Zestiria was OK, but felt a bit bland to me. However, Berseria definitely made up for it!

    I haven't really played any other than those four.

    Which Tales game are you a fan of? :D
    MobiusX3年前#18650105Welcome to MFC! :)
    Thanks a lot! ^^
    MobiusX3年前#17447000Thank you! And aw, I hope you're doing fine now!
    All the best for 2017 for you!!! :O

    Feeling a lot better now but damn just so behind in everything. Hope your years going well too! Got anything fun planned?
    MobiusX3年前#17446998I really want to go to a festival for once, but depends on the timing and if we have our schedule free.
    So much to see, so little time ;n;

    I know man, I already get stressed at the idea of having to plan a vacation to Japan, haha!

    Mostly because I get tired of going on vacation quickly, so I rather not be on vacation for longer than 1,5-2 weeks. But that's such a short amount of time with the many things to do in Japan!!!

    I hope you manage to visit a festival! :)
    MobiusX3年前#17320890I'm doing great! Currently getting ready for a Japan trip in a month's time so trying not to spend until I get there haha.

    Oh wow, that is amazing! :D Do you plan on visiting any special events or theme parks there?

    Have lots of fun~
    Ugh, very belated happy birthday my turtle loving friend. Santa brought me bronchitis for my birthday/Christmas hence why this is so late. Wish he'd have given me coal or broccoli instead.
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