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    View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
    inovar AzuNyan! (ΦωΦ)
    Kilari595年前#2482819Happy birthday ! :D Have a great day, and I wish you have all the Azu-nyan you want :3
    Thanks for the wishes! and yeap I'm slowly getting to completing my collection haha :)
    Happy birthday ! :D Have a great day, and I wish you have all the Azu-nyan you want :3
    inovar6年前#2263902Ohhh nice! I just went and read your list too, exactly like you said we have so many similar animes with same score or 1 point diff haha. You've got a very nice collection so far and I can see its going to grow into a massive collection by the looks of your ordered figures haha. I just turned my collection back on (forgot I turned it off) so you can have a look at my whole collection if you want ^.^ and damn you ordered this ITEM #226327 and this item/228923!! Very nice figures but too expensive for me :(

    Yeah, i've had my first figure a year ago, but really started my collection in february/march ^^
    For the moment, it's quite a little collection compared to some like yours (omgg all these Azu-nyan you have :o I'd love to have all the Asuna's x3), but I really want it to "grow".. Maybe too much, if we see all the PO i have.. Ahh i just couldn't resist, but that's really expensive.. (especially for Manaka and Keiko's BQ ><) But you have more preorders than me :p
    Yeah, when we became friends on MFC, i've seen your collection but when i came back to your profile earlier this day, i couldn't see it anymore ! xD Now i can, of course, and you have soo many figures I'd like ! *-* (Kirino True End, Azusa ver Ending (listen), Silica (prize), Asuna Vignette, Honoka by Koto, all the AKB's, and all these SAO goodies, omgg.. Sucha a nice collection, i hope i'll have one like this soon ! :D
    I've just read your Anime list, it's amazing, for our common animes, our marks are all the same, or only have one point of difference :o (my n'aime on MAL is Kilari59 as well)

    Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence with game-prize items such as this; we usually can't get very many of them, they're not made in any great quantity to begin with, and the manufacturers would much rather sell them to game centers than to retailers like us.

    In future if you have any problems or concerns please email us directly at trouble@hlj.com and we'll try our best to help you out.

    inovar6年前#2216226Comment: comment/2216221
    Just want to say, its not just me and him/her there must be quite a few others out there that have experience this before, Up your game in stock managing please...
    inovar6年前#2151709Thanks you too for the request ^.^ and Yeap I absoloutly LOVE her <3 still have few more of her to collect and Im done I think, but the few left I need to obtain are all 10k+ ouch >_>

    Well with patience (and money of course), you will get them all!
    Thanks for the FR! Also, all those Azu-Nyans *-*
    inovar6年前#2122945Hi there, thanks for the friend request. You have a very nice collection there @.@no problem and thankyou, yours is very nice aswell :3
    Oyamatsumi 大山積命
    Ohayou !
    Welcome to you on MFC :3
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