• hello fellow sg collector :p I noticed you have pre-ordered Umi Sonoda PM Figure.. may I know where you po-ed her?

    Haha thanks for sending the friend request, what an amazing figures and media you owned! Thanks for the kind words! :)
    weiwere5年前#2749351I am quite sure if you want you sure can find an order to display your collection.
    Well that to me is one of the fun parts of the hobby: how to display your collection
    My collection started off quite random but gradually I started to fill the gaps to fit certain theme I had in mind.
    Now for me the next problem is where to find space to display them...

    I ran out of display space so I have no choice but to 'rotate' the figures to display. The only good thing is about it is that I don't easily get bored of my figures since I am not looking at every single one of them everyday.

    And of course the worse problem is storage space >.< Being surrounded by all these boxes is like sleeping in a store room
    weiwere5年前#2749221Your collection is sure impressive!

    Thanks for the FR :)

    Lol I think I am a hoarder. There range of my collection is too wide that it becomes messy to display in real life.

    Your pretty girls scales and nendos will look more impressive on display in real life. How I wish I have similar willpower to have a certain theme to my collection.
    Hey weiwere!

    Was just about to send you a friend request hehe ^^
    Thanks so much for all the help with my post, all of you were so helpful I'm so touched by how warm this community is :"D I see you're a fan of Haruka Tomatsu, she's one of my fav seiyuus as well
    〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

    Your figure collection is impressive btw!
    Nice collection :D
    weiwere5年前#2585225Thanks for the friend request!

    Welcome! Glad to know more fellow SG collectors :)
    lusciouscookies left shark
    weiwere5年前#2559406Nice collection that you have!

    Haha thanks man!! I like your epic bakemonogatari/nisemonogatari collection!
    weiwere6年前#1905598Nice collection that you have!

    Thanks!^_^ Great to see another fellow SG mfc-er :D
    weiwere7年前#1757982Nice collection that you have!

    Hi, thanks for accepting! did you just started collecting figure recently too?
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